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Cream and Sprays

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Creams and sprays

Blowjob / Deep Throat Spray / Anti Gag Reflex Spray

Oral sex is a foreplay favourite, but it isn’t always as much fun for the giver as for the receiver. Since foreplay should be all about the fun, you need a solution that helps make a BJ more than just OK. If you’re looking for a better and more comfortable way to give a blowjob, then a deep throat spray is just what you’re looking for. If you love giving head, but don’t love that choking sensation that always comes with it, a blowjob spray is the perfect addition to your bedside cabinet.

It will desensitise your throat and make oral sex a more fun and flavoursome experience. Thanks to the mild numbing agents they contain, you can enjoy a fantastic time with absolutely no gag reflex to put a dampener on your passion! Anti-gag reflex spray also comes in a choice of tasty flavours, so you won’t need to put up with any unpleasant tastes – the perfect happy ending for everyone!

Delay Gel/Spray

Would you like to make your bedroom time last longer? Are you worried that you can’t go the distance? Now you can make your night of passion twice as long with a delay gel or delay spray. Designed to help boost your erections and make them last longer, simply apply these products to your penis before you get busy, and you and your partner are sure to enjoy a more pleasurable and long-lasting experience.

When sex is all over in minutes it can be a bit of an anti-climax for everyone involved, but with a quick spritz of delay spray or smear of delay gel on your penis before you get down and dirty, you’ll give yourself more time to show what you can really do! Not only will you have more fun yourself, but you’re sure to really impress your partner!

Vaginal Tightening Gel/Cream Or Shrinking Cream

Would you like every time to feel as good as your first time? Then what you need is a tube of trusty tightening gel. The vaginal equivalent to working out at the gym, shrinking cream tones and tightens up the muscles and tissues of the vagina so they have plenty of grip. Good for her and great for him, vaginal tightening cream is quick and easy to use and within 5 minutes you’ll both notice everything is a lot more tight and sensitive down there.

She may not be a virgin, but she can certainly feel like one when she applies a small amount of gel or cream to the inside walls of her vagina. The safe and effective ingredients will rejuvenate and restore that teenage tightness and turn back the hands of time. He’ll enjoy that cherry popping experience, while she’ll have more intense orgasms – what’s not to love about that?

Stimulating Gel/Cream: Nipples And Clitoris

The body’s erogenous zones are there to be stimulated, but all-too-often some of the most important ones get ignored on the way to 4th base! That can be a huge disappointment for the ladies, and a sad oversight for the guys who are missing out on all the fun of foreplay. Luckily, there is now a perfect solution in the form of stimulating gel for the nipples and clitoris. Stimulating gem makes these sensitive areas even more sensitive for even greater sexual satisfaction.

When applied to the nipples or clitoris, stimulating cream can create a wonderfully soft yet powerful tingling sensation that enhances pleasure and promotes more intense orgasms. Thanks to its delicious flavour, stimulating gel is also perfect for nibbling or licking off for an even more exciting session for both parties. With its tingling, teasing sensation, stimulating cream is sure to add an extra depth to your foreplay and will make sure that those all-important areas don’t get overlooked the next time you’re in the bedroom.

Climax Cream For Women

Sometimes, women need a hand to get going, and that doesn’t always mean literally! If you’re in need of a little extra boost in the bedroom to tip you over the edge into extreme ecstasy, climax cream for women is sure to hit the (G) spot! Quick and easy to apply, it gently lubricates the entire vaginal area and produces a subtly arousing sensation so that when you get down to action you’re sure to have a lot more fun!

Designed to enhance your pleasure and make your orgasms easier to achieve and more intense, climax cream for women will get you off to the right start so you can enjoy mind-blowing sex every time. For ladies who need a helping hand to reach their climax, applying a climax cream will make it quicker to hit that sweet spot and a much more amazing experience when they do!