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Anal Beads

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Anal Beads

Anal beads are an excellent place to open the door into the world of anal play and powerful prostate orgasm. There are many anal beads models available for beginners, and even if they benefit from being relatively simple they are still able to deliver intense orgasms. The balls range in sizes which are usually linked by nylon or silicon string. Thanks to their unique shape and design, this anal sex toy feature a series of balls which start petite, and get bigger the farther you insert them.
Anal beads provide a different sensation from a butt plug. To give you a better understanding butt plugs are meant to go in your anus and stay in, while anal beads provide stimulation by being moved in and out of your butt. Whereas beads are thought to be inserted one at a time for the same feeling of fullness as a butt plug provides. But what give beads that extra fun factor is the removal process and you can pull them out and pop them back in again and again. The moving action will stimulate the nerve endings of your sphincter which feel like you are massaging your butt hole. But the same as the butt plug it is good to get silicone anal beads are the best material for beginners to start with as is body-safe, nonporous, and will be the easiest to clean.
A set of anal beads will usually start small, with each bead progressively getting bigger and bigger. Get familiarised with the smallest bead before you push onto a larger size.

What Makes Anal Beads so Popular?

There is something unique and special about the first moment of penetration, particularly during anal sex, and if you enjoy that feeling and sensation, anal beads will be just the sex toy for you. Anal beads are a bit different from other sex toys for your butt. Because these sex toys will help you experience the pleasure of anal penetration and will make this sensation repeatable. As everyone is different, there are different ways of using this butt sex toys. Some people prefer to pull off their entire strand right before orgasming. While others like to inserting and removing slowly each of the anal beads over and over. Some choose to insert the entire strand at once. There are different types of butt toys, to cater for all your needs and desires. Here are some factors you need to consider when buying yours.

Length of anal beads

When it comes to length, anal beads are one of the sex toys that offer the wides diversity of all. One advantage of that is that you don’t have to insert the whole toy if you wish to. Even if you are a novice, you can buy a longer one, and gradually build your way in through the various seances. Before you begin experimenting, consider how deep you would like to go. You should be comfortable and happy with everything that you are doing.

Safety first when using butt beads

While the variety of anal beads is of their forte for beginners might also be a disadvantage because of what might be safe for use and what is not. The reason it might be difficult for beginners to recognise the difference is that safety depends on their plan on utilising the toy. For example, choosing the material your beads is built from it is essential for hygiene reasons especially if you are planning on using your toy quite often, you should purchase something that can be cleaned and sterilised easily. The answer to this and a great option for that is the silicone. Anal beads with a stable flared base are an excellent option if you desire to insert the entire article in your back passage. But one thing to keep in mind is that anal muscles can be pretty strong, which could mean that the tight string may not be sufficient to get out the toy once inside. Pay attention to the base, make sure the handle looks easy-to-pull, you should always put your safety first.
Think flexibility
Flexibility is an essential factor to consider when choosing your anal bead. The majority of people are happy with something straight and stiff, but a toy that follows every single curve of your body and single move you make is a completely new level. A flexible sex toy normally requires nothing but a soft push on each bead by using your fingers, while a straight strand is easier to insert by a rule of thumb (pun intended). If you prefer deep penetration, remember that rigid materials are ideal for you!
Non-porous materials are a good choice when it comes to anal sex toys and play. Before-mentioned materials include but are not limited to silicone, glass, stainless steel, ABS plastics. All of these are a great option because they can be sanitised entirely. Silicone anal beads are among the most popular option in terms of budget and durability.

Vibrating anal beads

The majority of the anal beads available donโ€™t vibrate, but some designs come equipped with vibrations. If your toy doesn’t have this feature, check and examine the base and look for a slip that can fit a vibrating bullet. As part of our range, you can find on our website remote-controlled anal beads as well as the latest app-controlled vibrating anal beads models with Wi-Fi technology.

How to use anal beads

Safety always comes first, we have said before and we will say it again.
That is why it is important to always use anal beads that have either a handle of some sort of a ring. You need to have something to pull once you are finished with our anal play. Also, another benefit of having a handle is that is something to hold on to that allows you to be pulling and pushing for extra pleasure and satisfaction. Now, let’s move to pleasure.
Solo play with anal beads
By starting with solo play and your anal beads you will eliminate the pressure. And we know that there is always pressure when someone is watching you insert something in your butt. This is why if you are a beginner or would like experimenting with anal play, solo play is a great way to get prepared for an unforgettable anal beads play with your partner. While being solo, pay attention to your dislikes and likes of the experience. This would be beneficial information to share with your partner.
Start small
Itโ€™s not unusual for somebody to get overexcited when trying a new sex toy or anal beads. This excitement may provide you with the bravery to put it all at once. There is a reason why the majority of the beads are gradually progressing in size. Donโ€™t let the excitement mislead you and remember that putting 3 or 4 small or medium beads is perfect for newbies.
Use lube
With sex toys and especially anal sex devices, using lube is a must. This is not just a tip for beginners, you can start slow and insert the beads one by one and it is one of the most amazing ways to experience the feeling of fullness. Once you are comfortable, you can pull the beads out and then insert them back in. You can do this at varying speeds and see the difference and see which one works best for you. When using the anal beads this way, there are so many nerve endings that you are arousing. This is why people choose beads when looking for their dream anal toys.
Try different methods
One benefit of utilising beads for anal play is the variety of ways you can enjoy them. You can use them as a warm-up before you have anal sex, you can get the anal beads out just before orgasming or you can also leave them in for at least a couple of hours. One thing to keep in mind is not to fall asleep with anal beads inside you. One thing you can do is to set up an alarm to remind you as a safety measure.
Get a condom
We know that things can get steamy and in the heat of the moment sharing and watching your partner using your sex toy may be hot but it requires special maintenance. We always recommend using a new condom every time you switch the toy in between you and your partner. Besides safety, the condom will not stop the sensation you will feel from each bead and it will make the cleaning process a lot easier.
Anal beads and hygiene
Baby wipes or dedicated sex toy cleaning wipes is the best way to quickly clean any toy, no matter the material that is made of. One practice that demands a bit of planning is to induce bowel movement at least
1/2h before anal play. A good habit is to use the baby wipes to wash your butt after the enema. But your best friends are soap and warm water when it comes to anal play and hygiene. Cleaning your anal toys is important because there is a type of bacteria in the anuses that should never be shared. It is still advised to wash it with soap and warm water, even if you have already wiped it with baby wipes. Don’t forget to sanitise your lubricant container as part of your routine.

Anal beads are ideal to use when you are entering the anal play world, but even after the initiation, beads are meant to be enjoyed for a long time. One thing to keep in mind is to not give up if you can’t take the whole strand at once, such things take practice.

At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. Browse our vast range of adult toys and find the right toys to bring the fun into your sex life.