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Double Ended Dildos

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Double Ended Dildos

Double-headed dildos are excellent because they are the perfect sex toy no matter of your sexual orientation or if you plan to use them for solo or couples play. If you are looking for something different, long and big double dildos provide an excellent alternative to single dildos and regular sex. The benefit of using a dual dildo in couple play is that will enable both partners to experience simultaneous sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Because the double-headed dildos have a flexible quality and characteristic it means that they can be used and manipulated into different positions for sexual endeavours with a new twist. We have a wide variety of double-headed sex toys that range in length and shaft sensations to satisfy any desires you might have. You can also choose a long double dildo that has added vibration built-in for an extra stimulating experience. Double your dildo action for twice the fun.

All adult toys are very exciting and fun and able to transform your sex life into ways you wouldn’t have thought before. As a beginner when you have to choose from vibrators to anal sex toys and various kinds of dildos, the possibilities are unlimited, the diversity can be confusing when choosing a variant. So, if you are a newbie to the world of adult toys but crave to try something different and new than the basic vibrators and dildos then double-headed dildos might be the answer for you. A simple sex toy that sends waves of multiple orgasms, double-headed dildos are an excellent way to level up your sex toy game and explore a little more either alone or with couples play.

Types of Double Headed Dildos

There are different designs and types of double-enders dildos, some can be used with your partner while others can be utilised for double penetration in solo play. Or others come with a vibrating unit. So, let’s explore the different options and see which one is for your desires and cravings.

Standard Double Headed Dildos

The double-ended dildos are the most common form of this range but at the same time are the most popular and best known too. You will notice that the exterior of these double dongs is very smooth. The shape is sleek, long and straight. Because of the size and straight shape, these dongs are ideal to be used in couples play. They can provide you and your partner with deep penetration and give amazing orgasms every time you will use this sex toy. Some standard double dildos also come with a textured surface that does not look like a human penis and can provide you with incredible stimulation and satisfaction for the prostate or vaginal walls.

The U-shaped Double Dongs

The U-shaped dongs also is known as a vagina-to-anus dildo as will help you achieve double penetration and will be able to provide you with increased pleasure sensation. These dildos are manufactured from ultra-flexible material which means you bend them in your desired penetration position. This type of dual dildos is designed to be used when going solo. But if you want to use this dong for couples play some flexible dildos are not necessarily u-shaped but enough bendy that when used with a partner. One partner inserts one end into the vagina while the other can penetrate the anus, these double-ended dildos are excellent when you want to try out something new.

Strap-on Double Sided Dildos

This strap-on dildo is designed to be worn internally by a woman, while the other end can be inserted inside in whoever you desire. The harness will keep the dildo securely in place. Double penetration strap-on dildos are popular amongst women who like the idea of traditional sex with other women. Strap-on double dongs can be used in dom-sub plays and roleplays.

Strapless Strap-on Double Dildo

These dildos are L-shaped that has one small shaft and one big shaft. They are usually used by lesbians, but heterosexual couples might utilise them for pegging too. The partner who is in charge of the thrusting inserts the smaller shaft into the vagina and use your muscles to hold in place and the other partner gets the larger shaft. The shape of this type of double dong allows the users to use it for sex without the support of straps or harnesses for a carefree and no need to adjust buckles.

Vibrating Double Ended Dildos

As the name might suggest these double dongs have vibration features as they come with a vibrating unit in them. Regardless of the shape, length, surface and type, vibrating double headed dildos are a great way to combine the pleasure of the double penetration with the power and satisfaction of the vibrations. The best bit about vibrating dual-headed dongs is that the vibration can be felt by both partners. There are different types of double-ended vibrating dildos, you can find a vibrating double headed in almost every shape, type, size, colour and texture.

Factors to Consider

In order to find your dream dildo here are the factors you should consider when investing in a new double-headed dong for yourself:
The level of flexibility and/or rigidity becomes important for the job since the double dildo is either used with a partner or for both the holes. You will have to weigh these two variants and find which dildo you will want to choose because factor has a direct impact on the practicable positions you can indulge in. You can have a chat with your partner or think about it yourself if you want to try out some new positions? If the answer is yes then you will need to think what degree of flexibility will be required for the dildo to assist you and you partner in your experiences? The answers to these questions will land you on the right dong.
Double-headed dildos come in different lengths and girths. And size plays an important role when it comes to dildos, in particular the girth. If you are a newbie to the world of sex toys or double dongs then choosing up a smaller, flexible double dildo is a wiser decision. A large double dildo will only do ideal once you are adapted with adult toys as you will feel more comfortable with the toy.
So you need to consider the insertable length and girth you can comfortably and pleasurably accommodate. If you are not sure about the size you need or can accommodate, one way to find out your size by measuring how many fingers you can fit into your vagina or anus. You will need to measure that circumference and choose a dildo with a similar of closest girth. If you are planning to use this with your partner you will need to consider their needs and requirements too. Pick those with long insertable lengths if you intend to use it with a partner. This allows both of you to experience deep fulfilling penetration. For those who are starting with anal duo penetration play, it is recommended to go for a dildo with one slimmer end to make anal penetration easier. Anal pros can go for longer lengths and wider girths.
The decision on what shape you will need to go for will depend on what kind of play you are aiming for. We already covered the different types of double dildos earlier, but we will cover this subject a bit further. Double-ended dildos come in different shapes each with qualities and features that suit different needs and types of play. If you need a double-sided dong for solo sessions then either a u-shaped or an ultra-flexible straight dildo will be the most suitable for you. If you are considering using a double dildo when performing the act of sex then the strap-on dildos (with or without straps) can be your perfect shape.
Some have straight shafts while others are slightly curved to increase stimulation for the P-spot or G-spot. A dildo that is shaped and feels like a penis for some people provides them with the ultimate satisfaction. Others seek shapes that resemble nothing like a penis.
If you are into maximising your thrusting and insertion stimulation, the texture of the dildo is vital and powerful for an out of this world orgasm. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose from ridged, smooth, ribs, bumps or swirls. We can’t guide you here, only your desires can!
Depending on the sensation, level of flexibility and the time you want to spend on the clean-up all these should be the factors that you should consider when choosing the material of your desired dildo.
To increase your pleasure and the dildo bendability, most double-ended dildos are made of flexible materials like silicone, jelly and rubber. All these materials will give you a realistic feel. These materials are preferred because they are flexible and soft producing an extremely pleasurable satisfaction duo penetration. However, one thing to keep in mind with these materials that they are highly porous and require extra care, maintenance and cleaning to ensure they don’t harbour mould and bacteria. Silicone is the exception as is hypoallergenic, waterproof and easy to clean making it the safest flexible double dildo material.
But you can also find double-ended dildos made from glass or metal. These materials are considered rigid, exotic, smooth and exceptionally pleasurable. While the firmness of these materials is a personal preference, it can influence the functionality because are not bendable and it can be limiting on the positions you can assume.
Unique features
You need to contemplate what other special features you need to get the most pleasure out of your perfect play toy. One of the features you might enjoy is vibration. Vibrating dildo ended dildos have various levels of vibrating speeds on either the shaft or heads making penetration wildly fun.
If you like to enjoy these sex toys in the bathroom, you might want to consider a waterproof double ended dildo and make your playtime pleasurable.
You might also want to consider double-ended dildo with an anal or clit massager and provide your partner with extra satisfaction.
In simplicity, make a choice that will make your pleasure night fantastically erotic. Visit The Happy Willy Company and choose high-quality doubleheaders dildos for you and your partner. Add to cart your perfect double ended dildo and we will be delighted to discreetly package and deliver to your doorstep. Sexual satisfaction is for those bold enough to claim it!
Positions for double dildos
Which positions are possible with a double dildo depends directly on its rigidity. The stiff dildo is inflexible and is well suited when both partners are on the back or sit opposite each other with their genitals. So you and your partner can decide how deep the double dildo should penetrate. If necessary, the hand can also be taken as support. Po to Po, modelled on the doggy position, the double dildo also looks good.
The flexible double dildo is used when both want to more intimate with each other and want to touch and kiss each other during penetration. Both partners can insert the dildo lying on top of each other and stimulating with the hands and mouth. The flexible double dildo is therefore likely to provide a more intimate experience, while the stiff toy will steer in the direction of a firmer penetration. It doesn’t hurt to have both variants on hand to be able to react to the situation-related preferences. This type of dildo is suited for wonderful intimate moments.

How to use a double ended dildo

Solo play
For solo play, the pleasure is ultimately determined by the type of dildo material you choose and its suitability for anal-vaginal duo penetration. Use a double-ended dildo made of a bendable or flexible material for a comfortable simultaneous penetration (anal and vaginal). If you are still new with anal play, choose a double-headed dildo with one slimmer end to make anal play comfortable.
To start, especially if it’s your first time indulging in duo penetration you might need to take a shower to help you relax and arouse your body. Make sure to apply plenty of lubricant on your anus area and both ends of the dildo before inserting.
When ready, lie on your back with your legs spread to access the sweet spot. Insert the thicker end of the dildo to your vagina slowly to your preferred depth. You can use the other end as a handle as you thrust for intensified G-spot stimulation.
Bend the dildo into a U shape for double penetration and gently guide the slimmer end of the dildo into your backside and the other thicker end into your vagina. Bounce and change positions to achieve a complete double penetration. The multiple fullness and stimulation will shake your whole body with an out of this world sexual satisfaction. It’s nothing you have ever achieved before.
Couple play
If you have invited your partner over for some fun, you will need a firmer double-ended dildo. To make the session even more pleasurable, you might also want a dildo with a clit or anal stimulation.
Once both of you are ready, sit facing each other and you can kneel in all fours facing in opposite directions (in a semi crab position). Slowly slide the dildo between you and your partner and insert it slowly to your desired destination. This position allows a duo thrusting while maintaining eye contact making for more intimacy. Balance and positioning can be difficult during duo play.
Similar to the crab position you can try the cowgirl position where you fold and res the middle of the shaft on a flat surface and squatting on it or simply just find a position that suits you and your partner and let the fun begin. In the end, double penetration and dildos equal intense long-lasting orgasms. You might need to experiment with different positions to know what works for you.
The ultimate goal for double-ended dildos is to have fun, but for you to enjoy a great orgasm you must get the right tool. When purchasing a double-ended dildo, you need to pay attention to factors like the size, material, texture and unique features that fulfil your sexual desires.

Double penetration dildos

Double penetration for double the fun is what you are sure to get from a double-ended dildo, as they are sleek and sexy and incredibly enticing. Simultaneous penetration for your vagina and anus from the same sex toy can be very satisfying and exciting. And the great benefit of these adults toy is that you can use them with your partner as well. Two women partners thrusting on top of a double headed dildo can provide them with the penetration and intimate experience they would like to feel together. Sharing this cock in various positions can bring the two female partners to cum with wild orgasms at the same time. You could also bring in an additional clitoral sex toy or tactile stimulation while she fucks the other end of this double dildo will increase pleasure and stimulation. The double ended dildo can certainly enhance and intensify sex play with another female partner. Whether you are in a lesbian relationship or whether you’re just experimenting and playing around with the female partner, this sex toy will provide a lot of pleasure and fun in the bedroom. Introducing a double ended dildo can be an exciting way to enhance your sex life together. Many women like to use the double headed sex toys both vaginally and anally. Stimulate your anus and your vaginal cavities is a very erotic way to have a strong orgasm. Both areas together bring sensations that you don’t usually get out of just fun play. Anal penetration together with a double dildo is also just as exciting. Whether it’s a man to man sex where you both are fucking the same dildo or whether it’s woman to man sex anally, this double ended dildo it’s sure to bring exciting sensations to both of you. Get kinky and get sexy. You can also have your female partner insert one end of this dildo as you suck the other end of the dildo. Don’t hesitate to insert one end of the dildo into your partner ass while you stroke his cock and fuck the other end of this dildo. Or if you have multiple partners, this double headed dildo could give you the cocks that you need for a fun activity. The double ended dildos from The Happy Willy Company can be very cock-like in nature. They can also just be cool, sleek jelly materials that look less like a penis and more like a jelly dildo. Some of the double-headed dildos The Happy Willy Company offers are bent for your pleasure making vaginal as well as anal sex easier. Double your pleasure. Double your fun.

There is no end to the possibilities, plays and levels of pleasure that you can reach when using a double-ended dildo. Not only it can bring immense pleasure and satisfaction to you, but it can do the same for your partner while you enjoy each other’s erotic company and orgasms. Weigh all the options you have in front of you and choose the perfect double-ended dildo for your desires and craves.
Add a little more pleasure and spice to your sexual encounters with these double-ended dildoes. Is the concept ‘more is better’ or could it be ‘double your fun’? A perfect double-ended dildo will be your bestie in masturbation, lesbian sex, heterosexual, and everything else you can erotically create. The feeling of duo stimulation and orgasm give you sexual carnality you have never imagined. Those who have never used a double-ended dildo or vibrator are in for a real treat. For those that are fans of double-ended dildos and vibrators, The Happy Willy Company collection will shake your world! We have collected some of the most popular items available in the UK. Order with confidence, knowing that your privacy is important to us and all our packing is discrete. You are set for endless pleasure and once you master its arts, you will fall in love!