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Kegel balls for a stronger vagina and better sex

Jiggle balls and Ben Wa balls are a fantastic arousing sex toy that should be part of your repertoire no matter what. This unique adult toy has a smaller weighted ball inside that rolls gently, providing you discreet internal pleasure along with a great pelvic floor workout (you could say it’s a 2-in-1 device). Kegel exercises help in strengthening the PC muscles (also known as the pelvic floor muscles), which results in the prevention of pelvic prolapse, increased intensity of orgasms and improvement of bladder functioning. Even though these exercises can be done without any device, but the use of kegel balls will improve the intensity and effectiveness of the workout. Also, you can use these balls while you are masturbating or having sex to boost your sexual satisfaction.

Regardless of whether you are using kegel balls to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles or to enhance your sexual encounters, you require the right type of kegel balls. If you are new to the world of kegel exercise and ben wa balls device, we will try to help you in making the right choice.

What are Kegel Balls?

Kegels balls are small weights for the vagina and provide you with a great workout for your lady parts. They are also known by a different name: orgasm balls, love balls, Venus balls, jiggle balls, geisha balls, and pleasure balls. They can be used as a medical device, as well as, adult toys. They help train and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, that has many benefits; which can prevent incontinence and also makes sure better orgasms. Jiggle balls are multifunctional and you need to have them in your drawers (double meaning for drawers here ๐Ÿ˜‰).
Geisha balls do not have any side effects. However, if you train too much, the only thing that might happen is that you experience vaginal muscle ache. Think when your muscle aches after a gym workout, this would be similar.
You should also check with your doctor before using geisha balls if you:

  • recovering from childbirth or are pregnant
  • have an active infection or have an existing pelvic pain
  • are recovering from gynaecological surgery
  • have an intrauterine device
  • use a menstrual cup

There are different types of kegel balls available on The Happy Willy Company for beginners and advanced players. You can pick between single and double balls depending on your desires and preference. Some of the popular ones are described underneath.
Duotone love balls, are usually made of hollow plastic balls and are coated in silicone. The space inside the balls is filled with small weighted metal balls and as the body moves will typically roll around and will cause subtle vibrations. Normally the two balls are the size of standard marbles, but they are available in many other sizes to suit your specific needs. Some of the models come with harnesses or strings for extra protection or peace of mind.
Kegel Ben wa balls, these are the most popular model and are typically made for wearing while you are doing Kegel exercises. One thing to keep in mind is that they are usually bigger than standard duotone Ben wa balls or yoni balls. Also, they are more rigid and firmer than other types of love balls and come in variety of weights and sizes. Kegel Ben wa balls are available in flexible weights, this will allow you to start with a lighter kegel ball and gradually increase the weight.
String or no string kegel balls, you will find that geisha balls can come with or without strings and harnesses connected to them. The strings or harnesses are designed to keep the dual balls together but also makes it easy to remove them. The strings can also make it easier to move the balls around when they are inside for added stimulation.
Vibrating love balls or kegel balls, as the name might suggest these devices come with a vibrating device inside. Even though these geisha balls are petite, don’t get fooled by the size, because they can still send powerful vibrating sensations for stimulation. They have a variety of feature and functionalities from being rechargeable and having a remote control and can be made without or with wires. As is a vibrating device, some can come with 5 to 6 different speeds. If you want to spice things up with your partner, let them be in control of the vibration speed and add a lot more fun to a day out or in the bedroom. The vibrating balls can also be used for anal pleasure too, not just vaginal. Just ensure you follow the sex toy hygiene instructions.

Selecting the ideal Kegel ball design

Kegel balls come in two designs, single and/or two balls; and the different models and designs can be moulded or held together using a string or harness, but they also come without the string or harness.
Single Ben wa ball design, they are ideal for beginners are they are the lightest in weight and suited to small internal size.
Two ball design, these are perfect for those looking to progress kegel and they range from medium to heavyweight and suited to medium or large internal size.

How to choose kegel balls

Materials used for Ben Wa balls
Traditionally, kegel balls were made of glass or solid metal. But, the modern models are built with different types of materials including stainless steel, plastic and silicone. One thing to keep in mind when choosing the materials for your kegel balls is that it has a huge impact on the overall experience. Because the difficulty of holding the kegel weights inside can alter based on the material. If you are a beginner you would probably need to go for silicone covered plastic Ben wa balls are easier to hold in. Love or orgasm balls made of stainless steel might be harder to hold and are better suited to advanced users.
One benefit of the metal or glass balls is that they are easier to clean, and that is why so many women prefer kegel balls made of glass or metal. But silicone is another material that is easy to clean and maintain.
Choosing the right size & weight
Kegel balls are available in a range of different sizes and weights and some balls will suit some women better than others. It is essential that the ball you choose feels comfortable inside your vagina and stays in place when you are doing the upright kegel ball exercises. To give you a better understanding of sizes, kegel balls are around 28mm in diameter are considered small. And the love balls that go up to 36mm in diameter are regarded as medium and large balls.
In order to determine the right size, you need to asset your internal size. Here are some of the ways to do that:

  • You can measure with your fingers; slip in two fingers inside of the vagina and if there is a comfortable fit, you should either use small or medium-sized love balls.
  • Identify what your ideal tampon size is. If a small-sized tampon slips out easily, you would need to go for a medium or large kegel balls.

Consult your gynaecologist or healthcare provider, if you are still not sure of what size you need for your kegel ball.
The weight can vary between 28 to 78g and 30 to 140g; if you are new to the kegel balls game, it is recommended that you start with the smallest weight and progress from there.

How to correctly use them?

If you are uncertain of how to use kegel balls, you can follow the below steps.
Clean the toy properly before inserting it inside your vagina. Follow the instructions that the toy comes with, but usually, clean it using light soap and water, will do the trick. You can use the kegel balls for pelvic exercise, solo sexual pleasure and partner play.
For pelvic exercise only
Once you feel that you are comfortable with traditional Kegels or other pelvic floor exercises, you might want to add weighted Kegel balls to your routine. They can improve your workout by adding an extra challenge.
Here are the steps you can follow to start your pelvic exercise:
Lay back in a comfortable position, grab your lube and apply a small amount on your kegel balls before pushing it inside of you. Make sure to insert it gently and slowly, especially if it is your first time. Contract your pelvic floor muscles, this helps you lift and squeeze the balls. Hold the contraction for 5 seconds, then rest for another 5 seconds. Repeat this step 5 times in a row to complete one set, you can perform up to three sets a day.
For solo sexual pleasure
Kegel balls are not used in the same way as traditional sex toys. There is the option to move them in and out of your vagina, but you might discover that you will get more intense pleasure if you leave them inside. The orgasm balls can heighten the sensation of whatever you are doing, whether you are exploring your erogenous zones or rubbing your clitoris.
Here are some ways you can incorporate Kegel balls to intensify solo play:
While resting in bed or sofa (or any other place that you enjoy solo play), put your Kegel balls in your vagina, and begin to squeeze your pelvic muscles. As you become more aroused and excited and self-lubricated, begin to examine and explore your body.
Alternatively, insert your Kegel balls, and then grab your favourite vibrating sex toy. As you squeeze on the Kegel balls, use the vibe to massage your clitoris and around your vaginal opening.
For partner play
Kegel balls can help you and your partner heat things up, by increasing your sensitivity during vaginal sex.
You can insert the love balls before you head out on your date with your partner or incorporate as part of the first portion of an intense round of foreplay. The longer the balls are in, the more stimulated you will be when itโ€™s time for the main event. Just remember to pull the balls out before your partner or another toy slides in.

Whether youโ€™re a novice, experienced or anything in between weโ€™ll help you find the right toy to bring you to orgasmic bliss. Our female sex toy range and intimates are here to bring you that buzz you deserve and look good doing it. At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality.