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Anal Vibrators

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Anal Vibrators

Anal sex and play have long been the subject of prudishness and taboo, but this delicate part of the anatomy also holds the key to the search of a new erogenous zone and provide new ways to get satisfaction and pleasure from your sexual encounters.
While many may think that anal play and sex toys are just to be enjoyed by guys for prostate stimulation, anyone who is fascinated or interested in the idea of anal play can use an anal vibrator to see where this journey might take them. And here at the Happy Willy Company, we have you covered with a wide range of designs and styles, there are lots of butt vibes available that will offer you new levels sensations for anal play.
Traditional vibrators and dildos are designed for vaginal use and tend to be narrow and straight, which means that they can easily become stuck inside when used anally. That is why you should always make sure that you are using toys specifically designed for anal pleasure and the same stands for vibrators and dildos. Anal sex should never hurt or feel uncomfortable, so the size of the dildo or vibrator should be taken into consideration when you purchase the one for you.

With a wide variety of anal vibrators in a mixture of designs and specifications that will provide wave after wave of vibrations coupled with a deep penetration feeling that will produce astonishingly powerful orgasms. At the touch of a button, these vibes have variable speed settings that will enable you to take multi-speed vibrations to a speed that you feel happy with. If you are a newbie into the anal play jelly vibrators are a good starting point because of the material they are built from, giving them a softer consistency than any other anal vibes, and making it easy to insert into the anal passageway. Browse through our variety of female and male vibrators to discover the one that suits your requirements.

Anal vibrators one of the vibrators that have the wide variety of options when it comes to design from different shapes and sizes also what they are designed to target from small egg shape to big wands. The various models will be able to give you a different experience with unique stimulation’s depending on your desires. That is why we will cover below the factors you need to consider to find your dream butt vibrator.

What are anal vibrators?

The anal or butt vibe can resemble the shape of the penis but can also come in other forms and shapes and are suitable for both genders. These sex toys mimic the sensation of anal sex by emitting vibrations to the rotating head or either the whole toy.

How to choose the best anal sex vibrator?

Choosing the right ass sex toy for your physical and intimate desires will require your attention to details. Things to consider when buying an anal sex toy:

  • Make sure you choose the right size depending on your level of experience;
  • Read info about the materials available and choose the one that suits your needs;
  • Speak with your partner for a better decision;

If you are a newbie don’t choose the most powerful anal vibrator.

Factors to consider when choosing a vibrator for anal play

There are many vibes available for anal stimulation from silicone, rubber, plastic and latex but there are also jelly rubber, ABS and PVC ones available on our website. No matter the material you choose, their main aim is the same to offer ultra anal stimulation if you are a single person or couple or a group of people. Luckily for you, these vibes have a multitude of features and functionalities from rotating or pulsating heads, realistic feel, remote or WiFi/app controlled.
This plays an important factor if not the most significant factor when choosing an anal sex toy and vibrator for your collection. Depending on your level of experience, start from small if you are a beginner to medium or big vibrators for those who are experienced. When you are looking at size you will need to take into consideration the full length also insertable length as well as girth of each vibrator. At The Happy Willy Company to help with your decision we have photos as well as measurement listings of the vibrators to assist you to choose a size that best fits your requirements.
The length and the diameter of your first anal sex toy or vibrator will affect the way you enjoy anal masturbation and sex. Like we mentioned before it is better to always start with a smaller butt vibrator if you are a newbie for your first anal experience. It is also for your health and wellbeing to start with a smaller size, once you feel comfortable you can proceed with bigger sizes and diameters. To give you a better understanding of what you should and shouldn’t feel from a proper anal experience, pain and unwanted pressure in that area should be minimal. If the toy will be too big or too thick for your hole, such undesired moments might happen and the entire experience could be a complete failure. That is why it is important to start with a slim anal vibrator and as you accumulate skills and experience, progress with utilising an anal vibrator that is bigger and thicker. Strongest or powerful anal vibrators are not always advised for all users and that is because they can cause discomfort and pain for inexperienced users.
Type of vibrators
Depending on what are your desires, anal vibrating toys can be of multiple types, designs and with various features. Here at the Happy Willy Company, we will spoil you with the choices. Such adult toys for bum fun come as large or small anal vibrators but also as slim or thick anal vibes. The materials which they are made from further adds to the large range of these toys. But all these variations and different types of vibrators, are designed to provide you with a different kind of stimulation. To help you choose the right vibe for your butt hole we have listed some of the common types and specific benefits for you to consider:

Vibrating anal beads

The majority of the anal beads available don’t vibrate, but some designs come equipped with vibrations. As part of our range, you can find on our website remote-controlled anal beads as well as the latest app-controlled vibrating anal beads models with Wi-Fi technology.

Bullet vibrators for anal sex

As the name would suggest this is a little vibrator that is shaped like a bullet. This enables you to shot direct and intense vibrations up our butt, proving you with intense and great feeling. Because of their size, they are great for those who travel a lot because they are easy to conceal and carry around. But also because of their size, they can be lost and would be hard to recover, that is why bullet vibrators for anal play then to have a base to stop any unwanted accidents.

Prostate massager

A prostate orgasm is the most amazing thing you will ever experience in your life. And if the world’s best orgasm is not enough for you to be pursued, another benefit of p-spot stimulation is those who regularly do it have reported having a healthier prostate and can even have multiple orgasms in a row. ​Because of the health advantages to this type of play, prostate vibrators and massagers should be part of every mans sex toy kit.

Vibrating butt plugs and dildos

These are dildo and butt plugs fitted with a vibrator which can provide you with both extreme stimulation and fullness. Some even come with features and functionalities were they able to rotate and thrust while vibrating giving more pleasure and satisfaction. And the extra bonus is that you can stimulate both your sphincter and prostate glands.

Realistic vibrator

If you are looking after the natural feel of a penis in your ass, then the realistic vibes are the answer for you. Because these sex toys are designed to feel and look like the real deal. These devices have veins, a glans tip and some are fitted with a scrotum to bring authenticity to the anal game.

Thrusting vibrators

For those who relish solo play but still enjoy a good thrusting, you can now say goodbye to too much manual work and open your world to a thrusting vibrator. These vibrators are designed to hit that p-spot you like a pro, each time moving deeper in towards your prostate. Some models come with a revolving ball into the shaft to help by massaging the anal walls as the shaft thrust back and forth. You can also take advantage of the range of setting to assist you to begin slow and become more energetic as your arousal grows up.

Classic vibrators

Well, you can’t go wrong with a classic. These vibes are usually standard cylindrical shape and do not have many sophisticated features that might be found in other types making them ideal for those starting the anal play journey.
Most vibrators for anal play are made from jelly rubber, silicone or glass. Jelly rubber and silicone are mostly preferred for their bendy nature because they can contour around your body. For those who enjoy the feeling of firmness for anal play and stimulation, glass can be a unique choice. When it comes to anal sex toys including vibrators it is recommended that you always go for materials that are easy to clean, sterilise and body-safe.
Also, the material plays a factor in the texture of the sex toy which can be soft, hard, smooth or slippery. While some people prefer using soft rubber butt vibes because of their life-like texture and feeling, other people favour the plastic vibes which are more rigid and harder. They can provide more intense penetration which happens when utilising such kind of toy. For women, the best anal vibrators are usually made out of jelly rubber or silicone, but other women favour the stiffer and rigid feel and will go for the PVC type.
Power source
All vibrators are mainly either rechargeable or battery-powered, you will find some vibrators that powered from main. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type, the main powered vibes are powerful and tend to produce intense stimulation, but being confined near a socket might kill the mood. But, if you are powerful vibrators are your thing it worth checking the length of cord to ensure you have enough room for quick position changes without needing to remove the device. If you prefer to take your butt play more remotely, you might want to go for a rechargeable or battery-powered vibrator.

How to use an anal vibrator

It is always good to try to relax before any anal play and let your body guide you. You can experiment with your vibrators and see what works for you and what doesn’t, but to start you will need to do this outside your anus. Here are few tips and tricks that will help you get started with anus play and vibrator explorations.

  • We understand you are dying to feel those hot and wild stimulations, but learning and understanding your toy before inserting it into your anus is extremely important. Put your vibe on your breast or stomach and play with the settings and explore the vibrations patterns options you can also accelerate the vibration speed. When you have familiarised with the vibrator and comfortably operate it and have a sense of its strength, clean it up and let the fun begging. You can insert it in your anus our you can let your partner do it.
  • It is good to start gently because the anus is lined with very delicate nerve endings and muscle, so it is important to take things slow. Begin with the low setting for the speed of your vibe. As your arousal and comfort intensify, slowly raise the speed and for the maximum p-spot stimulation maybe push the vibe deeper. Now getting ready to have your mind and body blow up with twisting organisms.
  • It goes without saying when it comes to any anal play, that lube plays an important role. For easy insertion apply a generous amount of lubricant on both your anus and the toy. Check out The Happy Willy Company range of anal lubricants and relaxants as well as anal easing products on our bedroom essentials collection.
  • Once you are familiar with anal play and have accustomed with your vibrator you can now handle the control to your partner. They can even slide the vibrator in immediately before your climax for an out of this world orgasm.

Give it a try, vibrators are a safe and fun way to step up your solo or couple play and can help you achieve a more fulfilling sex life.

What makes a first-time anal vibrator good?

When exploring the joys of anal sex toys, we would advise you to choose a small device, you can always work your way up to larger adult toys as you become comfortable with anal play. It is also essential to recognise what you would like to achieve from your sex toy too, in order to find out the right sex toy for your ass. The most popular anal sex toys are beads, plugs and vibrators, and as part of the design, they a flared or handle base to ensure that the device does not get lost inside the body.
Anal plugs can be worn during solo or couples play and will provide you with a sense of fullness and a lot of people find it to be very pleasurable.
Sex toys are usually are used with vigorous and powerful thrusting motions, but with anal beads, you need to slow down the pace. Taking things slowly will allow you can enjoy the feeling of each bead as they are inserted your anus, and slowly removing them can lead to incredibly intense orgasms.
A special type of anal toys with unique performances and characteristics is the anal vibrators as they deliver incredible stimulation and sensations during anal play for both male and female partners. They are a specially designed variety of anal toy which can satisfy any desire and award complete satisfaction every time.
To use an anal vibrator, all you need to do is follow some basic rules and instructions:

  • Use quality anal lube;
  • Hygiene is important and ensure the device or sex toy is clean and sterilised;
  • Don’t utilise the anal sex toy for other purposes;
  • Gently penetrate the butt hole the first time;
  • Engage with the toy in a gentle manner;

Large anal vibrators and sex toy are not always the smart choice, especially if you are a beginner.
Keep the device in dry places and out of the reach of children.
Your vagina is not the only one that needs attention, your ass craves for it. Couple any of our anal vibrators with any of our anal lubricants for pain-free, pleasurable anal sex. At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. Browse our vast range of adult toys and find the right toys to bring the fun into your sex life.