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Anal Dildos

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Anal dildo for butt pleasure

Traditional vibrators and dildos are designed for vaginal use and tend to be narrow and straight, which means that they can easily become stuck inside when used anally. That is why you should always make sure that you are using toys specifically designed for anal pleasure and the same stands for vibrators and dildos. Anal sex should never hurt or feel uncomfortable, so the size of the dildo or vibrator should be taken into consideration when you purchase the one for you. If it goes in your butt, make sure it has a flared based no matter what type of anal sex toy you choose, otherwise, it could get stuck or lost. People do enjoy sex and they always like to experiment to find the best way of getting maximum pleasure of it. When conventional sex is not enough anymore, an alternative way or solution can be anal sex. For those who want to try butt toys or fans of anal sex, we have the best anal dildos, which you should try out. Whatever tickles your fancy, our impressive range of anal dildos contains petite designs to super-sized styles to smooth and everything in between. Or you could add pegging to your repertoire or why not try kick butt with toe-curling self-pleasure as you find the perfect anal dildo for you.

What is an anal dildo?

As we already mentioned dildos are not just for vaginal use. With anal dildos, you can indulge your butt hole with astonishing stimulation and satisfaction. Anal dildos are generally safe because of their wide and round base, which will prevent the adult toy from entering deeper than you want and more importantly it makes it easy to retrieve the toy. Designed to expand the anal hole, there are big size anal dildos. For extra pleasure, certain anal dildos are equipped with a vibrator. These sex toys are designed for both women and men as well. You can be certain to always find the right anal toy for you, as they come in various sizes, colours and special features.

Types and main characteristics

When it comes to types of anal toys, there is a wide range available on our website, that is why you must spend time to study all the types to discover the most suitable one for you. The list of characteristics is quite broad and various, from the wide spectre of sizes there are both large and even small anal dildos for your kinky games. The girth of anal dildos may vary as well depending on the purpose of the application. Vibrating anal dildos can produce vibrations at various speeds while penetrating your rear, making them very powerful sex toys. Male anal toys can help you reach and stimulate the prostate for an out of this world orgasm. There are anal toys that are easy in penetration and perfect for beginners and there are also wide ones, which are designed to enlarge or stretch the anal hole while, for those who are more experienced in anal play. No matter which one you choose they will deliver the unimaginable amount of pleasure to you.

How to choose the right size

It is essential to select the right size for your anal dildo because it will be responsible for the level of your satisfaction and also will determine your safety and well-being. One other thing to keep in mind is that total size may be different from penetration length. So, pick the correct penetration length in order not to hurt your internal organs, it is better to start small and build your endurance. To give you a better understanding of the general sizes available: below 4″, 4″-6″, 7″-9″, 10″-12″ and then you have those are more than 12″. Additionally, one other factor to consider when purchasing anal toys is circumferences, here are the various options: 3″-5″, 5″-7″ and more than 7″. If you are utilising a large anal dildo use it with care to avoid any harm to your butt hole and your overall health. You can use other anal sex toys like the butt plugs, which can be used to stretch your butt hole to a bigger size if used properly. Anal beads do not require a wide circumference to deliver the dirty pleasure to you. Proper lubrication is a great way to enjoy anal sex with sex toys. Always apply plenty of lube to ease the penetration and improve on sensations and satisfaction.

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

The correct option of materials is essential for an anal dildo because it is directly related to the ease of penetration and smoothness. The tissues inside the anal channel are sensitive, that is why the most common materials used are silicone, PVC, metal, glass, latex, jelly, realistic feel material, skin-safe rubber and others. In case of certain sizes, circumferences and materials types you may need to apply lubricant for safety and improved satisfaction. Good dildo for anal toys comes in various shapes from straight or curved to shaped for prostate stimulation or butt plug and anal beads shaped. Also, added textures to your anal dildo will help you enrich the entire process with remarkable pleasure and satisfaction. The smooth texture of anal dildo for a simplified penetration or you could choose a rippled for an extra joyous anal play session or go for a real-life texture with glans and veins.

How to choose the best anal dildo?

Everyone is looking for their dream anal dildo because that is the only way of reaching pleasure without risking any disappointment. There are several factors and characteristics you should pay attention to when choosing the best anal dildo. Pay attention to the size, materials and texture of the dildo, which play an influential factor in generating pleasure and satisfaction. And lastly but not last, feel free to select the colour that is most attractive to you.

How to use anal dildo?

Since anal toys are dealing with your back-side, it is vital to follow all the basic rules of using an anal dildo to achieve long-lasting results. This will maintain the anal sex toy functionality for a longer period and not harm your well-being. Whether it is a new addition to your sex toy collection or you have already cleaned your anal dildo after previous application, you still need to wash it clean or use a specific sex toy cleaning product. Because it goes inside you it is vital to give any sex toy that you use a thorough cleaning as it will guarantee your hygiene and well-being. Glass or metal dildos should be used with care, to avoid any potential harm to your health. Proper lubrication is required in the case you are a using a toy with a big circumference or a thick and big anal dildo to make it the penetration process easy. Water-based lubricants are commonly associated to be good and beneficial when used with anal sex toys. Like any other sex toy, ensure that you store your anal dildo in a clean and dry place away from direct contact with sunlight.

Prostate massager

A prostate orgasm is the most amazing thing you will ever experience in your life. And if the world’s best orgasm is not enough for you to be pursued, another benefit of p-spot stimulation is those who regularly do it have reported having a healthier prostate and can even have multiple orgasms in a row. ​Because of the health advantages to this type of play, prostate massagers should be part of every mans sex toy kit.

Don’t forget the lube

Unlike the vagina, the anal canal is not self-lubricating that is why we recommend lubes specifically designed for anal, but most water-based lubricants will do the trick. Ensure that you have completely covered your toy in lubricant the same for your anal hole, and anal canal. If you don’t use lube, you can increase your risk of anal fissures, unpleasant anal play, and other anal-related issues. Lubricant is your solution to stop these uncomfortable sensations. Discover the hidden delights of anal play with anal dildos. At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. Browse our vast range of adult toys and find the right toys to bring the fun into your sex life.