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Rabbit Vibrators

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Rabbit Vibrators

A rabbit vibrator is the sex toy no women should go without! All vibrating rabbits sex toys can provide a clitoral stimulator and shaft for internal stimulation for intense blended orgasms. Working out what works best for you is the first step in choosing any sex toy and when it comes to vibrators this doesn’t change. While the majority of women will have an orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone, in some recent researches almost have of women said they can reach an orgasm through a combination of clitoral stimulation and penetrative sex. And that is where a combination or rabbit vibrators, come in.

The rabbit vibe remains one of the world’s best-selling sex toys and it must-have for every toy collection box. Also known as a dual-stimulator, this vibrator provides intense feeling most often defined as a blended orgasm or pleasure. Designed to provide joint clitoral and G-spot stimulation, a rabbit sex toy will produce an indulge with twice the stimulation, satisfaction and pleasure. Our range of vibes have different styles with powerful vibrations, thrusting functions, rotating beads and more. You will be spoilt for choice with so many rabbit vibrators on offer.

If you are looking for something new to try out by
integrating adult toys into your sex life, a rabbit vibrator will be a great choice. This incredible device will allow you to maximize pleasure while playing with a toy on your own or during sex play with your partner. Vibes are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, and it can be hard to choose the best one for your own needs and desires. But there is no need to panic because we will talk you through what you need to look for when choosing the best rabbit vibrator available for you.

What is a rabbit vibrator?

All vibrators are designed to create exceptional sensations and sensation during sex play or masturbation. Because a rabbit vibe is highly appraised by used, it is considered as the best kind of vibrator for women.
Here is a list of features and functionalities a rabbit vibrator can hold:

  • It is an adult toy that is intended to stimulate various areas on the female body.
  • It is designed for both clitoris and vaginal stimulation.
  • The name of the vibrator is because of the set of rabbit ears that are added to one end of the vibrator.

One design element that distinguishes the rabbit vibrators are the elevated ears and serve a perfect way to stimulate the clitoris, while the main part of the vibrator is inserted into the vagina for internal stimulation.

How to choose a rabbit vibrator?

It can seem rather difficult to choose a vibrator if you are only a beginner because you might not know what features to consider when purchasing the device. Here is what you need to look at when buying your first vibe.
Rabbit vibrators like other sex toys can be made of different materials which can have their unique properties:
Plastic one benefit of this material is that is easy to clean, and it is a lot smoother than other kinds of materials. One disadvantage is that they do not produce as intense vibrations as silicone ones;
Silicone. Because it is easy to clean and sterilise the silicone rabbit vibrator is one of the most widespread types of adult toys. This sex toy provides easy transfer of vibration and your body heat. For health and safety, it is better to go for 100% silicone ones.
Metal. Rabbit vibrators of this type are often made from aluminium or stainless steel. That is also easy to clean and not too heavy.
Glass is a favourite version of a rabbit vibrator because it has a very smooth surface and it can be used for temperature play.
Design and Features
Before you purchase your rabbit vibrator, one thing that you will need to consider what purpose it will serve. Should it serve as a general clit or G-spot vibrator or are you after intense pleasure by seeking something unique? Here are a few features and functionalities that you need to look after that will help you narrow down your search:

  • Vibrating shaft and rotating beads will provide you with extra sensations during masturbation or couple play.
  • Some devices have only the rabbit ears for clitoris stimulation and nothing else, providing only external stimulation only.
  • Hands-free vibes will enable you to avoid using your hand when using a rabbit vibrator.
  • Some models will feature double stimulation with extra anal features and will let you get extra satisfaction by stimulating your anus.

There are various choices available on our website with some vibes having up to 10 different speeds and other interesting and engaging modes.

How to pick a rabbit vibrator?

A rabbit vibrator is an adult toy that has a special extension oriented at clitoral stimulation and shaft intended for vaginal penetration. By targeting these areas with various sensations like suction, vibration, thrusting or rotation, rabbit vibrators allow for stimulation of multiple erogenous zones at the same time. The name comes from the extension is shaped like a rabbit, and the majority of the vibes have both of these features in place, but some of them are intended for one use only.
If you are wondering how to use all these various types of rabbit vibrators, here how you can use them:
Traditional rabbits. As described above this sex toy comes with G-spot and clitoris stimulation features. When using such a toy, you will be able to try out different features and test various speeds to find the right one for your desires and tastes.
Advanced rabbits have lots of unique features who are coupled with a variety of different speeds. Some examples of the extra functionalities are the rotating vaginal beads to provide extra stimulation and ensure that you enjoy the process.
Triple threats. With these sex toys, you will need to be ready to stimulate various sensitive and erogenous areas beside the clit and G-spot. This is a great feature that will give you intense satisfaction and pleasure no matter if is solo or couples play.
As you can see from above different rabbit vibrators have a whole diversity of features, modes and speeds. They will allow you to play with the intensity of vibrations and settings to ensure that you get the most out of your sex you.

How to use a rabbit vibrator

Ensure you are ready to go. If you have a battery-powered device, please ensure you have fresh batteries. If it’s a rechargeable sex toy, make sure it is charged as we wouldn’t want you to suffer from SRBS (Sudden Rabbit Death Syndrome). But if you just bought a new sex toy, please check if the vibe comes with batteries and if not what type of batteries it requires (on our website we will mention if the sex toy includes batteries or not and what type).
Get acquainted with the controls. Like with many new things including new sex toys, it can be tempting to hurry into trying before you have gotten to understand it first. And usually, that is fine with most adult toys as they are pretty intuitive; but with rabbit vibrators, it can be beneficial to study the controls first. That is because these sex devices have more buttons and there is both a shaft and a clitoral stimulator to work which you can operate independently of each other. There are usually more controls and settings that perform more functions than there are on your average non-rabbit toy. Many rabbit devices also rotate or stimulate the G-spot with wave-like motions, so knowing which buttons control which functions can help you find the combination of settings that will provide you with the most fun for you. This will enable you to concentrate on fun and pleasure and not the controls. Of course, there are some rabbits are a lot simpler than that, which means you can skip this step and move to the next stage.
Don’t forget the lube. Lube makes everything better. Apply lubricant that is compatible with your vibrator material and your body for increased comfort and sensation. Usually, if you are not sure what type of lubricant to use, water-based lube is universal and you can use it with anything. But most sex toys come with instruction to advise you what material the sex toy is made from. You can also find this information on our website.
Put it in position. You will need to insert the shaft of the vibrator in the vagina so that the clitoral stimulator is flush up against your clitoris. You might have to adjust your position or the sex toy so that is touching the right spots.
And another great benefit is that no wrong or right position to use a rabbit vibrator in. Some people use it on their backs, others prefer to use on their stomachs so they can grind against the clit stimulator to add a bit more strength. Furthermore, rabbit vibes can simply be held in place by your sex partner in whatever position feels good to be in.
As the clitoral stimulator can act as a base and will keep it from getting pushed up too far, most rabbit vibrators are safe for anal.
Turn it on. Remember earlier when you figured out the controls? Now just turn the rabbit on and set the controls to your liking. We recommend that you start on the lowest setting and gradually increase power and pleasure for a stronger climax, but everyone is different and you can also start anywhere then experiment with various levels of intensity as you go.
Do whatever feels good. Once you are all set up and ready to go, lubed up, in position on your favourite setting combination, the rest is up to you.
You can leave it in position and pulse your kegels on it for a hands-free action, or thrust it in and out, or why not turn it around so the clit stimulator is on the perineum, or use it while you are getting or giving head. Just get creative and test what works for you and remember they are fun for partnered sex as they are for solo play.
One thing to keep in mind is that if you thrust it in and out with long or shallow strokes, the rabbit bit of the vibrator will not be in contact with the body at all times. But that is fine if it feels good to remove it and put it back every time you thrust; however, if you want full contact all the time, concentrate on deeper, shorter strokes or grind your hips back and forth on the vibe for an in-and-out movement.
We advise you to clean the toys with warm water with soap (or you can use dedicated sex toy cleaning products). If you are using the wired models, keep all wires dry. If you take the above steps the bullet or any sex toy will last long. But you can discover more about how to take care of your vibe.

How to take care of your rabbit vibrators


  • Use only water-based lubricants, and ensure that you read the label before using your new vibrator.
  • Wash before and after every use (please see below how to clean your vibrator). Even if you are certain that you have properly cleaned your vibrator after you have used, you might just want to check to make sure it hasn’t picked up any dust or other debris before you use it. So you might want to give it a quick rinse, it won’t hurt!
  • Store at room temperature in a clean place. You can choose to store your vibe in a bedside cabinet or dedicated storage for an adult toy. Some people get bags to store their toys, the great benefit of utilising a bag is that you can still charge the toy in the background while staying hidden. Some vibrators come with pouches when you purchase them.


  • Use all non-water-based lube with any silicone vibrators. This includes oil lubricants, massage oils and even silicone lube.
  • Use your vibrator while it is charging, even if your vibrator is 100% water-resistant. Some vibrator will have in their safety features, that will not function whilst charging. Keep away from any liquids or fluids, if your vibrator is charging (waterproof or non-waterproof).

Cleaning your vibrators
Use mild soap (or if you have intimate soap) and warm water, usually, this does the trick.
Wipes: solely for convenience. You can find sex toy wipes, but baby wipes will do!

  • Use antibacterial soap or wipes: this will not affect your vibrator and the materials your vibe is built from, but it can affect your vagina’s natural pH. You generally don’t want any antibacterial substance as it can affect the good bacteria levels in your private area. But if you wish you could use the antibacterial sex toy cleaning product after you used the vibrator and try to use a mild soap to rinse the vibrator before using it again.
  • Run through the dishwasher or put in boiling water. Some people think that the heat can kill any unwanted bacteria, the problem is that heat can also kill or damage the motor of the vibrator, and then all you would have is just a fancy dido.
  • Microwave it: because of the metal in the motor in the microwave, can only mean bad news.
  • Clean with: alcohol, acetone, petroleum, acidic or alkaline cleaners it will probably not going to react very well with the material the vibrator is built from.

Storage your vibrators

  • Store it clean! Like we mentioned before hygiene is very important as it can affect your health.
  • Use a safe carrying pouch: this has two benefits is it will protect your privacy, but also good to keep your vibrator and sex toy free from debris.
  • Optimise the battery life by switching the charger off when fully charged and not leaving the vibrator and other electronic sex toys in a fully depleted state for more than a week.


  • Expose it to excessive heat or cold.

With a wide variety of vibrator and other sex toys from mini to the large vibrators in different sizes and shapes, we will have something for everyone for all your pleasure needs. Browse our vast range of adult toys and find the right toys to bring satisfaction into your sex life. Vibrators are a great and sensual way to create sparks in the bedroom and not only, with our waterproof vibrator, you can also bring more orgasmic moments into your bathroom.
At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. You can shop with confidence as all our products come with tracked delivery and discreet packaging and billing.