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Dildos for Men

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Dildos for men

From single, solid dildos through to huge dildos, fisting arms and double-ended delights, The Happy Willy Company has a wide range of anal toys for men so you can have as much bum fun as you can handle!
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced and you already own an impressive personal collection, you are guaranteed to find a toy here that will quench your deepest desires. We have got some incredible toys for those that want to buy a male dildo and explore their favourite fantasies. When it comes to anal play you want nothing but the best, well here at The Happy Willy Company we chose only the highest quality sex toys. We have you covered from the small to the outrageous, we have got dildos of all shapes and sizes designed to serve a variety of fantasies and desires.

Male anal dildos

Big or small? Realistic or metal or glass? Our range of male anal dildos will be able to provide something for everyone:
Anal Dildo with balls – this sex toy will stimulate both your anus and your buttocks. Imagine the balls clap against your buttocks when the dildo’s shaft disappears in the backside. The balls can also provide an easy way to grip your partner or yourself.

Double dildo

– are double the fun for you and your lover and as the name might suggest are two dildos connected and are ideal for simultaneous double penetration. All you have to do is to share the other end with your partner. Some are firm for a more solid penetration while others are flexible, making you more creative. All you have to do is to let your imagination go it’s the way.

Prostate massager dildo

– This anal dildo has a curved shape and is designed to stimulate your sweet spot. Explore how strong an orgasm can be by stimulating the p-spot with this anal dildo is made for men.

Inflatable dildo anal dildo

– Once inserted you can blow up this dildo with the hand pump to stimulate your back passage. Find what pace you need to pump to reach the most exquisite highlight, orgasm.

Suction cup dildo

– These anal dildos are the perfect playmate as they have a suction cup at the bottom which can be used in the shower or any surface that will allow you to attach the toy to. The suction cup holds the dildo in place to allow you to enjoy hands-free fun. And the benefit of the suction cup toy is that you can go solo with your new hot toy, or share the passion with your lover, it’s entirely up to you!

Buying Your First Male Dildo

So you want to purchase a male dildo? Well, you are not alone. This category for guys is far more popular than anyone would expect.
Those who just start using dildos will choose something with a thin or tapered head because of the tip design comes to a slim, rounded point instead of a fat, blunt end.
The top-selling design for most of the dildos for men are penis-shaped. The advantage of a penis-shaped dildo head is that you’ll feel more pressure and the texture of the circumcised shaped mushroom head is a true pleasure when inserted into his anus.
If you do not feel comfortable using a phallic-shaped anal dildo, then you can try one of the more narrow, curved or slim designs. Men who do not want a penis-shaped anal toy typically prefer the beaded pegging style models to begin.
But let’s not forget some of the best dildos for guys are the prostate sex toys. They feature a curve or tilted shaft that massages and rubs the P-spot upon penetration. The P-spot is located a couple of inches inside the rectum, facing forwards.

One of our best selling dildos for men

If you want to take your anal play to the next level, then you need to go for one of best-selling toy the male butt dildo vibrator, because the buzzing amplifies everything for a stunning orgasm. Some have multi-function vibrating patterns, which are a good idea to have because some men find constant vibration too intense.
You can start with a prostate toy first and move up to a male dildo later because some of the larger and thicker selection might be too much for a beginner. Of course, you can choose a small and thin male dildo that is a better fit and suited for first-timers. The feel of P-spot toy and dildo is similar, and they are interchangeable devices for your sexual stimulation.
Our range of man dildos varies from realistic dildos for men fulfil to vibrating dildos provide a powerful buzz. Inflating dildos will provide you with a unique feel in comparison to any other anal sex toy, these dildos are a whole new dimension for the advanced user. No matter what you are into, we are here to full fill your fantasy.

Straight & gay dildos for men

Regardless if you are straight or gay, sexual satisfaction from the anal play will be equal for all guys no matter of their sexual orientation. Because the anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that will considerably enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Guys who own a male dildo report much more powerful orgasms, and even more forceful ejaculations.
That is because pressure back there intensifies and increases the sensation of masturbation or sex. A large number of nerve endings are just inside the anus, so any anal sex toy that you insert will not require deep penetration to stimulate the region. You don’t even need to insert anything into the anus, you can start by using a male dildo rounded head and pressing it on the anus without even inserting it all the way. Most men who acquired a large dildo will begin by holding and pressing it on the sphincter first which will ultimately loosen and relax to the point where the head can be inserted. Just try and see what pressure and massage techniques work for you and your anus. Well, the same goes for anal sex. Guys like to use a realistic dildo before anal sex because it can help them relax, stimulate and trains the anus into being able to take something thicker, like a man’s erection. This might seem like a tip for gay men, but straight guys can apply the same tactics.

The best tip for big pleasure

Are you squeamish about inserting something into your butt? The good news is that you don’t even have to insert anything into the sphincter to experience and enjoy the pleasure of anal play. Because of the large numbers of nerve endings lie just inside the sphincter, you don’t need full-on insertion to feel satisfaction. Just surprise and amaze your backside with intense vibration.
Firm and direct pressure over your anus are all you need to experience the shock and wonders of new pleasure. That is just one of the reasons why men get a large male dildo with a wide head. They are not necessarily intended for penetration, but the wide head will allow you to press over a larger area and stimulate the nerves. And a bonus is that the big head will not allow you accidentally slipping in. So you don’t have to worry, all you can do is just relax and enjoy the experience. Just remember anything that you intend you use near your bum needs to have a flared base, for safety.

The secret of the small non-phallic men’s dildo

If you are interested in experiencing the pleasure provided by anal stimulation during masturbation but don’t want to go for a penis shaped anal sex toy, then you might want to choose a non-phallic option instead. The alternatives are usually thin probed shaped toys that can be inserted into the butt with ease.
The soft stretch of the anus is very stimulating and invigorating. You can tilt the dildo forward toward your testicles and you will feel the tingle of prostate arousal. The feeling is comparable to the sensation a butt plug can provide, but the main reason to try one of these long handles devices instead is that they are easier to move and control.
A plug is designed to be motionless whereas the dildo for men is a device made to be swayed, jiggled, thrust and poked. Another great benefit is that for couples who are wanting to try anal foreplay. It will allow your partner to handle the toy while your hands are busy doing other things! Your imagination is truly the limits.

How to choose the best dildo for men

There are quite a few things to consider when purchasing a male dildo, especially if it’s your first time. As everyone is different your decision will be determined by your personal preference, so here are the things that you need to consider in order to ensure that you’ll be happy with your new toy.
This plays an important factor if not the most significant factor when choosing an anal sex toy and vibrator for your collection. A longer dildo will make it possible to hit deeper pleasure spots and also make it easier for you to reach around. As for the girth, it can provide you with a fuller feeling that can add to the stimulation and satisfaction. However, a thick and long model may be painful for beginners or first-timers, so ensure to tailor your choice with this in mind.
Especially when it comes to allergies and hygiene, the material you go for is important. Some models are made from silicone, which has a realistic feel but may be challenging when it comes to allergies. Others sex toys are made of glass or metal which is hypoallergenic but doesn’t feel as realistic but are great for temperature play.
Extra features
The extra characteristics can include textured side or vibration and both things can really crank up the level of stimulation and pleasure. However, these things might not be for everyone and might be a little too much for some. Depending on the level of stimulation that you are after, choose the model with the features and functionality suites your needs and desire.
We have already covered this topic earlier on how realistic a dildo for men looks and feels. Sometimes it can be nice to have a model that feels like the real thing. However, if you are looking for something different or new or you’d prefer something a little more extravagant then you can go for a model that doesn’t conform to the realistic look.

Are there any other toys I might enjoy?

Of course, there are! We range includes a wide variety of sex toys for men from male vibrators to prostate massagers. All packed with helpful information and numerous options for you to choose from.

Don’t forget the lube

Unlike the vagina, the anal canal is not self-lubricating that is why we recommend lubes specifically designed for anal, but most water-based lubricants will do the trick. Ensure that you have completely covered your toy in lubricant the same for your anal hole, and anal canal. If you don’t use lube, you can increase your risk of anal fissures, unpleasant anal play, and other anal-related issues. Lubricant is your solution to stop these uncomfortable sensations.
At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. Browse our vast range of adult toys and find the right toys to bring the fun into your sex life.