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strap-on dildos and harness
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Get back to basics with the dildo. Dildos are the ultimate do it yourself sex toy and it doesn’t do anything you don’t make it do. Whether you prefer the classic Realistic Dildo or something more high-tech like the Thrusting or Vibrating Dildo, we’ll help find the right shaft for you.

When choosing the right dildo for you, you’ll find a broad variety of size, shapes and types of dildos. The only important thing is picking one that satisfies your needs and desires.

Choose Wisely

Dildos only do what you make them perform, choosing the right dildo is essential. So how do you decide? If you favour hard stimulation, then a glass or steel dildo makes sense. If you need extra sensation from it, then you will want to go for a vibrating dildo. If you like the feeling of being stretched, then you will need to choose a larger dildo. Discover below what other options you can go fo.

Glass dildo

Think beyond silicone and experience new textures like glass which can provide you with a different feeling, and a firmer sensation. Glass sex toys can allow you to enjoy temperature play, why not cool down or heat up your glass dildo in water for an exhilarating stimulation.

Not only that this type of dildos will offer new sensation but with beautiful designs, you might be tempted to use them as new ornaments.

Suction cup dildo the answer to hands-free play

By purchasing a suction cup dildo means you can indulge in hands-free pleasure as these dildos can be attached to any smooth and flat surface for solo fun that always hits the mark.

They are each crafted using the finest materials with optimum comfort and maximum gratification in mind. We have a huge selection of suction cup dildos to suit your every need; so, whether it’s realism, doggy, textured, or extreme that you crave, you need look no further. Plus, now you can choose from an extensive selection of materials to find your perfect penis pal.

Dildos in couples play

There are many options you can use a dildo with your partner. You can hold the dildo and use it on yourself whilst your partners watch you. There is the option where you and your partner can use it on each other. One popular option is the harness or strap-on kit where you or your partner can wear the dildo and use it on each other.

There are also double-ended dildos, are double the fun for you and your partner; and as the name suggests this dildo has two heads which means can be used by two people at each end to have sex with each other. Also known as a double side dildo, it is great in stimulating both partners simultaneously and the ideal couple sex toy.

Anal versus Vaginal Dildos

All dildos can be used for vaginal penetration, but only some dildos are safe for rectal insertion. Those that are safe for anal use will be smooth and will have a flared base to prevent them from sliding up into the rectum. You shouldn’t use the same dildo in the vagina and the rectum unless you are using condoms or can sterilise the toy in between uses.

Don’t forget the lube

You will need to use a lubricant with any sex toy for penetration including didos. Water-based lube is good for almost everyone. If you are using a dildo made of silicone you will have to stay away from a silicone-based lubricant. Place the lubricant on the toy and both outside and inside of your body. If you’re using a dildo for anal penetration you’ll probably need to replenish the lube at some point.

Turn Yourself on First

Before you try to use your dildo for the first time, get yourself turned on how you would normally or try to set the mood in the room, read some erotica or even watch porn. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, distracted or awkward it can make penetration more difficult, so being aroused and relaxed can make your first time with a dildo smoother.