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Vibrating Love Eggs

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Vibrating Love Eggs

What are vibrating love eggs?

Do you get a buzz out of added stimulation? Love eggs can become an excellent addition to your sex toys collection and can be used for self-pleasure or for couple play and to be shared with a partner. These mini clitoral vibrators are used for stimulation and usually are egg-shaped or bullet-shaped. Love balls are smooth, giving it an effortless glide across your skin. When set in the right spot, this toy can provide you with the pulsating energy that you can feel from your clit to your core. They are discreet and small which means that they can be hidden in your panties. Vibrating love eggs for solo and couple play As some have wireless or wired remote controls which can be controlled by your partner and some have buttons on the egg itself so you can control the vibrations and sensations your clit feels while using it, they are the perfect toy for solo or couple play. Other great benefits for these sex toys is that it can be used with other toys such as vibrators or all by themselves. Why not place a love egg between you and your partner during sex. When located on your clit with the thrusting of sex a love egg can assist you to reach a clitoral as well as a g spot orgasm during intercourse.

How can you use a love egg?

Vibrating eggs and bullets can be controlled by your partner giving them the power to turn on vibrations whenever they wish. Some love eggs are waterproof being able to make your bathtub time even more fun. Take your waterproof wireless vibrating love egg into the bathtub with you and with the remote control or app, enjoy your alone tub time. Some bullets and love eggs can be used for internal stimulation and can provide more than just for clitoral or vaginal pleasure. Why not use the vibrations from the egg on your nipples as well. You can utilise a love egg to arouse the sensitive nerves on your anus or your lover’s anus. Love balls and bullets can turn a sexual experience into a mind-blowing pleasure and these sex toys can be used for foreplay as well as during intercourse. Love eggs will help improve and increase your satisfaction and creating stronger orgasms.

Main features and types vibrating egg sex toy

The vibrating sex egg comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials to cater for any needs. There are a few types and styles of love eggs sex toy available on our website: Remote controlled vibrating egg; perfect for couples play and will allow your partner to control the speed and settings of the sex toy. This type is the most popular egg vibrators and that is because they are versatile and reliable. A user can control the love egg by remote from speed to type of vibration. Another great benefit is that your partner can experience stimulation by letting them control the remote. Wireless egg vibrator; this can be used for couples who are in long-distance relationships or for those who like public play or wearable sex toys. These apps for the love egg are designed to stimulate the partner in marvellous ways by using multiple styles and speeds. They come with a multitude of features and in various styles, and they are developed to suit any of your sexual desires. Manual vibrating egg.The manual vibrator egg stimulates the partner with the help of your skills and moves. But it can be used for solo play too. Each of these types of vibrating egg sex toy can easily provide pleasure and stimulation but they are different, as everyone is different and have different requirements. The wireless vibration eggs provide satisfaction with the help of specially designed and built apps. The most popular egg sex toys are the remote-controlled ones and the main reason is because of the versatility and reliability of the product. You can choose the one that suits your needs and desires.

Vibrating egg for sex and masturbating

Specifically designed adult toys which can provide endless opportunities of experiencing sexual moments with your partner or for solo play too. These devices can help you enjoy super powerful stimulation from inside to the outside of the bedroom in the public or from solo or with your partner, making it a versatile sex toy and will be able to create intense pleasure and satisfaction. These sex toys are great for those who want to spice up their love life with limitless possibilities of using them. There are many types of vibrating egg toys available on our website and all of them guarantee the same thing, super intense satisfaction and stimulation. It is a toy mostly used by women but it can be used by men as well. This is an adult toy that is versatile and is available in different materials and shapes, highly reliable and affordable.

Rechargeable love egg

To choose the best vibration egg for your desires, you must first decide whether you want a powerful vibrating egg, the smaller version or a bigger one, a classic one or a wireless love egg. These options should help you in making up your mind and choosing the right solution for your cravings. One benefit of using a rechargeable vibe egg is that you will never have to worry about the batteries running down, but instead, you can enjoy a powerful vibrator. When these sex toys run low on power or flat just recharge and you are ready to go again. These days the majority of these toys are USB rechargeable, so you will never need to be without your beloved sex toy.

App-controlled love eggs and sex toys

This type of sex toys and love eggs are designed to be used long-distance, so your partner can make you orgasm from another location. But an app-controlled toy can have a lot of fantasy elements, from being able to use them in public without anyone knowing or you can give up control to your partner. Whatever you’re looking for, we have you covered.

How to handle and store a vibrating sex egg?

This sex toy can be used in numerous ways from clitoris stimulation to anal stimulation or vaginal stimulation as well (ensure that the toy is cleaned in between the different usage). To utilise the vibrating love egg on you or your partner, you will need to turn it on and placed accordingly. All you have to do is to place it on the desired targeted spot and enjoy the stimulation from the vibrations the toy produces. Just like any other sex toy you might possess, the eggs vibrators need appropriate care and hygiene. By taking good care of your sex toys, they will take of you. Here are a few simple steps to take into consideration, and ensure the love egg is reliable before every use:
  • Ensure it is disinfected and clean;
  • Make sure it has no broken or damaged parts;
To make the most of your sex toy and vibrating sex egg, after each use follow these steps:
  • You clean and disinfect the egg toy with either warm water and soap or sex toy cleaning products;
  • Store the vibrating egg in a dry preferable dark place, out of the heat and sun;
Just follow these easy steps and you will get the most of your sex toy and provide you with a longer time to enjoy the pleasure your sex toy can provide you.

Fifty Shades vibrating eggs

The success of Fifty Shades of Grey has inspired many of us to unleash a new side. Fifty Shades of Grey introduced sex toys and bondage to the mainstream, including love eggs. As they are rechargeable vibrating love egg with a remote controller for stimulating couples play. And all of the Fifty Shades of Grey range comes with a storage bag included. Love eggs are magical toys and bring clitoral orgasms to a whole new level. Introduce them to your masturbation sessions or your partner and share the experience of astonishing love egg orgasms. You can use a love egg for oral sex by placing the love egg inside the vagina, leaving the entire vulva free and available for your mouth. This will increase your partner’s overall sensations, offering a new level of satisfaction and pleasure.

How to use a love egg for oral sex

You can begin on the outside of the vagina, warming your partner up with the egg before inserting it into the vaginal canal. Work your tongue on the labia while the vibrating love egg rests on the mons pubis. Next, put the love egg inside the vaginal hole while the tongue laps the clitoris. If the love egg has different speeds, start with the lowest speed and work your way up. Once inserted inside, the love egg will stimulate the G-spot and handle those deeper vibrations, and the rest of the clitoral network, while you take care of the outside. Focus on the clitoris with your tongue. You can move the tongue around it in circles, up and down, or in the shape of 8 motion. It makes oral sex better, without having to do any more multitasking and offering a multi-body orgasm for your partner! The hanging tail of a love egg can add an element of excitement and can be used to add further stimulation. You can simply change the tail out of the way, so you can access your partner’s sensitive areas. You can also gently pull on the egg’s tail or you could rock it back and forth to arouse the G-spot and vaginal opening. Just remember to ask your playmate what they like before you engage in oral sex. Everyone is different. Love eggs are not the only type of vibrators we can provide you with. With a wide variety of vibrator from clitoral to the prostate vibrator in different shapes and sizes and materials, we will have something for everyone. Browse our range of adult toys and find the right toys to bring the fun into your sex life. Vibrators are a great and sensual way to create sparks in the bedroom and not only, with our waterproof vibrator, you can also bring more orgasmic moments into your bathroom. You can shop with confidence as all our products come with tracked delivery and discreet packaging and billing.