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Magic wand vibrator

Even if they might be sold as massagers, but they are also known as the best-selling sex toys and are classically used as vibrators because of the intense, orgasm-inducing clitoral stimulation. Sex wands are very powerful were originally designed to be used as an electric massager for the shoulders and back; that is until women picked on their versatility and what type of pleasure they could produce sexually. Many people want to get an adult toy because they can experience intense vibrations provided by the magic wand vibe. If we are speaking about intensity, it turns out that this device is the most powerful of all according to how intense and strong vibrations are. Even if other types of sex devices have their specific benefits, but the wand vibe seems to be one of the strongest devices of all. Generally shaped like a microphone it features a long grip handle and a cricket ball-sized head on top of it. The vibrations you feel during solo or couple play with this vibrator will not leave you indifferent or unsatisfied in any respect.

What is a wand vibrator?

This vibrator has a design that has an elongated grip handle and a rounded ball on its top that vibrates when in full action. The grip handle it makes easier to hold and handle the device. Originally, these sex toys used to be wired, but these days there is a wide choice of rechargeable cordless options with different strengths and modes. If you don’t like the presence of cables, this would be an excellent option.
What’s more exciting is that wand vibrators come with different kinds of accessories which you can mix and match to make the process even more interesting and fun.
One of the amazing qualities of wand massagers is that although they are intended for external use only, by adding an accessory that is designed for internal stimulation you can take this sex toy to new places and a new level of pleasure.
Types of accessories
If you want to make the most out of your magic wand vibrator, there are many accessories available for the wand vibe that can provide you with many options to experiment. Here are a few examples of attachments for your sex wand device:
Beads attachment. These will allow you to turn your wand into an anal sex toy. The beads are available in different sizes to ensure that you find the right one for your personal needs and requirements. An anal bead extension for a magic wand device is excellent for experimenting with anal stimulation and play;
Swirl lip accessory. This piece is designed to tease your external hot spots and is a rubber attachment that has various textures and designs. Some extensions have one side of it has swirly nubs while the opposite side has lips to massage your erogenous areas;
Rabbit accessory. As rabbit vibrators are another popular sex toy, imagine mixing the magic wand vibrators with a rabbit extension, you get a supreme adult sex device. A rabbit attachment can turn your vibrator into a double-action device to provide you with pleasure for two main sensitive zones and bring extra satisfaction during masturbation or sex;
G-tip attachment. As the name might suggest it is designed to please your G-spot. This extension has a specific nubby surface and allows stimulating your G-spot with ease.
There are many other attachments and extensions that you can do with a wand vibrator. And you can tailor your experience your needs and requirements to provide you with new levels of pleasure and satisfaction.

How to use a wand vibrator

The magic wand vibes can be used for its direct purpose, you can use it over clothes or around your most erogenous areas, which might be suitable for those who are particularly sensitive to vibrations. But to get started follow the below steps.
Warm-up is important!
Before starting it is important to always remember to warm-up, if you are masturbating try to read some erotica or watch port or for sex with your partner don’t forget the foreplay.
To warm-up, you can start by touching yourself and get the blood flowing to your private areas before you add vibration into the mix. You might find new exciting places to touch. When you give your body time to warm up with or without the wand. The more blood flow you encourage to your erogenous area, the more powerful your orgasm will become!
Good vibes only
The powerful vibration strength of a wand can evoke moans that you did not even expect to come out of you. The result is an intense orgasm with the help of the wand vibrator, many people didn’t think they could experience and reach.
Don’t stop moving!
Because the vibrations of a magic wand massager are powerful, some people find that keeping the wand in just one place for even a brief period can cause the sensation of numbness. It is essential to know that you are not desensitising or damaging the nerves. If you experience a loss of sensation, back off and give your body a rest from the vibration.
To avoid this, keep the wand vibrator moving across the entire penis or vulva. You can also stimulate the sensitive nerve endings around the anus. There are many patterns you go choose, you can go in circles, left to right or up and down. It is all up to you, on what you like, just mix and match until you find the right pattern for you.
Like we mentioned earlier there are different accessories available for the wand vibrators and will add extra sensations and improve the functionality of the device. You can also use this sex toy with water-based lubricant to ensure that the attachments provide you with maximum pleasure. Whether you are interested in traditional body massage, clitoral stimulation, or internal play, The Happy Willy Company will have you covered.
We want you to enjoy your wand in as many ways as you can imagine, with a partner or solo play, or inside or outside the body. Because the most significant part of the experience is that your pleasure is achieved. Now that we spoke about the steps you need to take when utilising a wand vibrator, here are the different scenarios you can use this device.
General massage
Did you had a stressful day and you are tense? The magic wand is suitable for all over body vibrations, as well a sensual massage or as a prelude in foreplay to the real deal. If you are after a deep tissue massage you can set-up the wand vibe at its lowest setting, the massager can be used in slow, circular motions will help you unwind and make you feel very relaxed. Or you can release the tension in your neck and back, or if you feel like it, travel over your nipples, stomach, bottom, and entire vaginal area with the high powered vibrations.
Solo play
It is ideal to use plenty of water-based lube and begin with the lower settings and build your way up to the stronger thrills.
As the wand is known for being much stronger than other sex toys, you can use the toy over a towel or using it underwear but ensure if your wand is waterproof, you can take advantage of the pleasures relaxing in the bath or shower and the warm water.
For him
Men might not talk about it as much as females but they do enjoy sex toys and intimate vibrations, too, so experimenting and playing with the wand can be equally as satisfying for men. You might want to begin with a relaxing muscle massage to get unwound and in the mood.
When you are ready to move down to the private parts, it is important to take it slowly and if you perform this on your partner you need to watch how he reacts. Just slide the wand up and down the height of the shaft of the penis and don’t forget to use plenty of lube.
Another pleasurable spot to put the wand vibe is the perineum between the balls and anus, and on the balls and frenulum themselves, just ensure to tread lightly and start on a less powerful setting.
Couples play
So when can you use the wand for couples to play? There are some sex positions like the missionary, spooning, queening and doggy style where the wands ergonomic shape makes it effortless to add to couple play.
Couples can also use the device on each other for sex to edging (delaying an orgasm) or all under restraint, with handcuffs and blindfolds.

The best positions for wand play

We covered some position you can use when utilising a wand in couples play, but we will dive a bit further now. When starting using a wand vibe it means finding the best positions that are both orgasmic and comfortable for you. Probably now is not the time to start getting acrobatic, just stick to these four basic positions. Don’t despair if it feels awkward at first, sometimes new sex things can be weird in the beginning. But the more you use and get comfortable and familiar with a toy the more you just immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy the experience.
Missionary:Your wand vibrator can spice up this go-to sex position. When you are in the missionary position, slip the wand vibe between you and your partner. If your partner can stay propped up on their arms, it will help give some extra room for the magic wand vibrator. Keep the magic wand sex toy like you would while masturbating on your back.
Because of the size and reach of the wand, it will make it easier for you to access your clitoris without reaching down too far. It will allow you to enjoy the experience with your partner and focus on the combination of external and internal stimulation. Your partners’ weight will add to the pressure of the wand head on your clitoris which will provide you with an intense orgasm.
Open-Legged Spoon: This is like a regular spoon only, but open-legged. You will need to lie on your back and spread your legs, bent at the knee. Now your partner needs to enter you from below, perpendicular to your body. Drape your knees over their side. This is a great position for both external clitoral stimulation and deep penetration. Now is the time to grab your magic wand sex toy and rest it on the clitoris. This low-impact position will transform how you see your wand sex toy, as you have complete access to your clitoris, while your partner penetrates you.
Doggy Style: Start by lying on your belly and putting two or three pillows underneath your hips. Now you will need to prop your wand device against the pillows so you can lean your vagina against the top. Have your partner penetrate you with either their penis, fingers or sex toy from behind. A wand is great for doggy style because you get to ride your wand while your partner is riding you, which means you are getting double the pleasure.
Queening: This position can be used by everybody, but works very well for same-sex couples. Begin by leaning your back against a throne of pillows just like a queen (hint from where the name is coming from). Take the wand vibe and hold it against your clit while your partner uses and explores with their tongue on the rest of your vulva. They can concentrate on your vaginal opening which is full of nerve endings and can provide you with new levels of pleasure. They can additionally lick up and down your labia. Do you want to take this to the next level and more intense? Why not introduce a new sex toy, why not place a vibrator or dildo inside your vagina while they lick around the opening.
Which one will you choose?

How to find the best magic wand vibrator

In order the find the right wand vibrator, here are the three tips you need to follow:

  • Check the weight of the wand is to ensure that it is not too heavy;
  • Check the different designs and choose the most suitable one;
  • Pick the right assortment of accessories to ensure you have a full pack of features at your disposal.

Over time, you may find the vibrator has become a bit heavy, so you might find it useful to get a sex toy holder for hands-free play. But, magic wand vibrators are easy to handle so you won’t find it difficult to learn how to use it.

For all-over body massage, as well as physical and sexual stimulation, a wand vibrator from The Happy Willy Company range is a ‘must-have’. Designed to ease tension and deliver all over pleasure and fulfilment, our wand vibrators are perfectly shaped to work in sync with your body and achieve maximum satisfaction every time. Have indulgence at the touch of a button, and either enjoy on your own or as an unbeatable sensual experience with your playmate. Made from high-quality materials, these vibrators are designed to look and feel lovely against the skin. Magic wand vibrators are the ultimate orgasm device.

Browse our range of sex wands from super-powerful rechargeable ones to mains powered ones to mini magic wands. With a wide variety of vibrators from clitoral to the prostate vibrator in different sizes and shapes, we will have something for everyone for all your pleasure needs. Browse our vast range of adult toys and find the right toys to bring the fun into your sex life. Vibrators are a great and sensual way to create sparks in the bedroom and not only, with our waterproof vibrator, you can also bring more orgasmic moments into your bathroom.
At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. You can shop with confidence as all our products come with tracked delivery and discreet packaging and billing.