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Remote control sex toys for couples

Remote-control vibrators will provide you way more control than most manual vibes allow. Let say that your vibe is not hitting the spot, you can easily change its settings without pausing and having to get back into the groove. Or if you are a remote-controlled vibe during couples play, it will allow you to subtly excite your partner at unexpected moments. Hello, foreplay! You can fool around with the remote when you are in a crowd or having a date night dinner that will lead to a sex session later on.

If you are new to the sex toy world and don’t know what remote control vibrators are, they what the name might suggest. Yes, they can be controlled remotely, and here at The Happy Willy Company will go through the different types of remote control sex toys, benefits and also give you a few tips on using them.
What makes this remote control sex toy great is the convenience of controlling it with a device without interrupting your pleasure during foreplay or masturbation. And you can also leave your partner in control of the speed and vibration intensity.

What is a remote control vibrator?

A remote-controlled vibrator is a vibrator sex toy which can be controlled by distance with the help of a remote, but not only. Some newer models can be able controlled by your smartphone with the help of an app or Bluetooth. It’s a fun sex toy with multiple benefits and ways of usage as well as a very powerful option when in need to spice up your sex life. These toys are very popular, used by both men and women for intimate pleasures. They most commonly used for vaginal stimulation during masturbation or sex. But don’t worry, we have remote control sex toys for you guys too, like the male masturbators. It’s a versatile toy and they come in many shapes and sizes and will not disappoint, as can provide you and your partner for ultra stimulation.
All the vibrators that can be controlled with a remote, whether if it is by a physical device or an app on your phone or computer.
Depending on the kind of remote connection, certain types of sex toys can be controlled from a great distance, while others are confined to the same room or within a few feet. See the most common connection types below:

Vibrators with physical remotes

When a vibrator comes with a dedicated physical remote, you will most likely be able to use the remote from a short distance to control your sex toy. Depending on the device or model, the remote can be wireless or wired. One of the main benefits of short-distance remote control vibrators is the convenience of adjusting settings without taking out your sex toy or vibe.

Wired vs. wireless

If you are not sure if you want to go for a wired remote controlled that is attached to the sex toy or a wireless one. To give you a better understanding a wired vibrator may seem like a limitation but usually, they can be a great “companion” for solo play because the wire is long enough, giving full access of the remote to control the settings while pleasuring yourself.
If you’re looking to involve your partner and need even more convenience, a wireless vibrator may be the better option. You would desire to easily hand the remote to your partner, without being tied to a wire, or want to use the toy in the public, the wireless version is definitely the answer for you.
But one thing to consider is that wireless toys running time is shorter than the wired ones.

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi connection

The connection between your vibrator and its remote control is very important in terms of range and signal, so what is the difference between a Bluetooth and wi-fi connection adult toy. If you have a sex toy that uses Bluetooth 4.2’s physical range is usually less than 33 ft, but when correctly configured it can reach up to 330 ft. However, the newer models use Bluetooth 5.2 version, and the range has significantly improved and offers faster data transfer. Check in the product description for the product range, if it uses Bluetooth technology. But as the technology has advanced you would barely feel the difference, no matter which technology of Bluetooth your toy is using. Wi-Fi connectivity, on the other hand, this usually means that you can connect your vibrator to your phone or computer, which leads us to to the type of vibes – the smart kind.

Smart vibrators

These remote control vibrators can sync with your smart device or computer and your long-distance lover can also control it, even when they are thousands of miles away.
If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can still keep your relationship healthy and sexually pleasing by choosing a remote vibrator. To start, all you need is the sex toy of your choice and a trustworthy Internet connection. The rest is up to your imagination and desires. Now let your partner take over the sex toy, close your eyes, and enjoy the benefit of possessing a remote control vibrator.
If you want to improve the experience and ultimate pleasure, use your wireless vibrators during a video chat or call with your partner (that is only if you feel comfortable to do so).

Different types of smart vibrators

Not all long-distance vibrators are the same and made equal. The main difference between smart app controlled vibrators is the way they will be controlled and the different settings and functionalities. You could control them via an app on a phone/tablet or software on a computer. Some of the best models of remote control vibrators will not only allow you to pre-program vibration patterns but can also interact with third-party apps such as music platforms (iTunes, Spotify etc).
When it comes to shapes and types, you will not be disappointed or have to compromise, because you can expect all the shapes that standard vibrators come in. This includes male masturbators, G-spot vibrators, anal and rabbit vibrators, egg and bullet vibrators, cock rings, and others.
But if you want to go for a real game-changer when it comes to remote-controlled sex toys, then you choose a wearable adult toy.

Wearable sex toys

On The Happy Willy Company website, we have a wide variety of wearable vibrators and as this type of sex toy range is growing, our range has grown significantly in the last years. Because of wearable vibes, public orgasms are no longer a taboo. Usually, these are vibrating panties or cock rings can be activated at any time, whether you are at the movies at work or just getting a coffee with an orgasm on the side. And they usually have wisher quiet features, so the vibrating noise doesn’t give you away.

How to use remote controlled vibrators

No doubt by using a phone controlled sex toy and vibrator comes with many benefits. One thing to keep in mind if you are planning to get a particular wireless device, make sure it is compatible with your device, and you are ready to go. But, keep in mind that you have to be discreet if you are using your vibe in public. Always make sure you have tried your vibrator at home, especially if you’re really into public orgasming, and you fear getting caught. See what it does, how loud the vibrations may get and how intense it can get. If your device uses a Bluetooth connection, ensure that the name of the device is not something naughty or kinky, or even better you would want to ensure it’s not discoverable for other devices.
No matter what type of sex toy you are using with someone else, communication is key, but with wearable sex toys, it’s a must. Ground rules must be set before the fun starts, no matter how much you trust each other. This is, in particular, true if you are about to enjoy your toy with a stranger. After all, this is all about pleasure, and The Happy Willy Company is our main purpose.

The only difference between remote-controlled vibrators and regular ones is the remote control. Which means that no matter of the type vibrators can be controlled remotely; either with a physical remote that is wired or wireless or through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Remote vibrators glow when they are controlled using a phone or a laptop, and your toy can also be synced with the music to improve the ambience and experience. And if you are looking for some public fun, this is also an excellent opportunity.

Want to add player 2 to the game? Using sex toys is a great way to introduce variety into your relationship and enhance your mutual pleasure. Want to feel the spank of a paddle? How about getting acrobatic on a sex swing? Whether gay, straight or anything in between, there’s a toy for every couple. From the kink-fanatics to the romance chasers, we have a wide range of toys and kits suited to every desire and whim. At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. You can shop with confidence as all our products come with tracked delivery and discreet packaging and billing.