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G Spot Vibrators

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G Spot Vibrators

The G-spot is located on the inner front wall of the vagina and is an area that you can stimulate by using our range of G-spot vibrators and sex toys. G-spot stimulators and vibrators are perfectly sculpted and designed to reach just the sweet spot and provide you with amazing orgasms. These sex toys are intended to be used internally and they use powerful multispeed vibrations and pulse settings to massage the G-spot. If you have not found your spot, why not use one of the specially designed vibrators and discover just what you have been missing. Get yourself an anatomically shaped and curved g-spot sex toy and experience internal, intense orgasms like never before. These adult toys are the perfect sexual partners when in need for masturbation or solo play and an excellent way to spice up your sex life with intense physical foreplay with your partner for couples play.

Where is g-spot located?

Some might think this is a myth, but the G-spot is real and is an erogenous area found around 5-8cm up the front wall of the vagina. One thing that is not known is the fact that the G-spot is part of your clitoral network. So when you are stimulating the G-spot you are stimulating part of the clitoris, which is much larger than you might think or what you can see with the eye. The pea-sized nub is only the tip of the clitoris and inside the body, it divides into two “roots” that are around 10cm long. This area can vary from person to person which explains why sometimes it can be difficult to find. So in the pursuit of satisfaction and pleasure, vibrators have been designed to suit everybody and needs. Though, once it is stimulated, the G spot can make women ejaculate (yes, it is real) and reach vaginal orgasm.

What is a G-spot vibrator?

The G-spot vibrator is specially designed sex toy which resembles a normal vibe but has a curved head aimed to provide strokes and vibrations to the G-spot. If you want to go the extra mile for extra sensation and satisfaction you can go for the vibrators that come with the curved head but also have a second smaller head, aimed to stimulate the clitoral area at the same time. Types and main characteristics G-spot vibrators can be thick, slim, big or mini as well as multi-speed ones or with remote or app-controlled. No matter what option you choose or prefer the main purpose is the same, to provide the best orgasm by stimulating the inner wall of the vagina and hitting the G-spot. The main characteristic of this vibe is the powerful and pulsating vibration of the head which is inserted in the vagina. It’s specially designed to cover the whole inner area where it needs to stimulate with a curved and egg-shaped head. A G-spot sex toy is built from multiple kinds of material with various textures and sizes, making these awesome toys to be highly appreciated and rated.

How to choose the best G-spot vibrator?

To say which one is the best is almost impossible because everyone is different and has different desires and requirements. While some women prefer the clit and G-spot vibrators, others choose using the finger G-spot vibrator as their best pick. in the below point we will speak about the different factors you need to take into consideration when choosing a g-spot vibe, and hopefully, it will help you decide which one is the right one for you. How to choose the right size? The journey in choosing the right size for you start by deciding whether you need a big or small G-spot vibrator. A G-spot vibrator can range in length from 3-4 inches and can go up to 13+ inches. If you are beginners it is better to start with smaller inches and build upon size (if you wish so) while more experienced users can decide which size they desire. If you are a first time use a 12 inches sex toy might hurt, while 3 inches adult toy might provide nothing to a more experienced person. These are just suggestions but they are not mandatory in any way. You should be free to experience sexual stimulation in any way you like, therefore, using and choosing the right sex toy and size it is up to the users’ discretion. Choosing the right shape, material and texture Just like when picking the size vibe, choosing the right shape, material and texture is also a thing of personal taste. If you research and gather the information about your desires sex toy, choosing the right shape, material and texture should be straight forward (as this information is available on our website). Here are the things you need to look for: 1. Choose a material that suits your sexual desires and needs – Silicone and rubber G-sport vibrators provide a more realistic feel when inserted. Other materials available like ABS or plastic are more rigid and give a smooth feeling when inserted. Also, we suggest looking for sex toys that are made from body-safe materials. 2. Choose the shape for the best stimulation your vagina – some G-spot adult toys come with a curved head which is egg-shaped which will cover a bigger area. You can also find others that have a curved head that is sharper and more bullet-shaped and provide a targeted stimulation. Some come with external clitoral stimulation for double stimulation. 3. The texture that tickles your fancy. Some G-spot vibrators come with different textures to provide extra stimulation, so you might want to test which one provides an out of this world orgasm. Other things to consider Settings, speeds and power Battery-powered vibrators tend to be a more budget-friendly option and most popular sex toy. Rechargeable toys are more costly in comparison with the battery-operated. But they also mean you don’t have the ongoing cost of replacing batteries and tend to be better quality and will last longer too. How loud it is If you have roommates or if you’re worried about being overheard. Look for ‘whisper-quiet’ vibe, Check the product description anything 40db or below is very quiet.

How to use a female G-spot vibrator?

Using a G-spot sex toy is easy and reliable, all you have to do is turn it on and insert it gently inside the vagina (don’t forget the lube). The curved head will do his job and intense vibrations and strokes, depending on the model. The sex toys that can give additional clitoral stimulator will work simultaneously targeting your g-spot and clit. To ensure that your sex toy will last for a longer period, ensure that you keep it in dry places and safe from extreme heat. All your sex toys should be cleaned whenever used for hygiene and health purposes. Our focus is to have quality products, that will bring you orgasmic pleasure. And because we know everyone is different with different desires we have various toys that can cater to your passion and appetite. But what happens when you don’t know where to start, don’t worry we have you covered too, why not read the some of our guides to see what might suit you or where to start and discover what might tickle your fancy. Or maybe you know what you are looking after, why not use the search functionality in the menu, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, why not write us an email and we will try to help you. We have you covered, no matter what. It doesn’t matter what kind of action you are looking for, The Happy Willy Company will have the best toy for the job.