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Waterproof Vibrators

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Waterproof Vibrators

Orgasms through sex or masturbation are pretty much essential for better mental and physical health and can be great pain relief or it can improve your sleep. But when crave something a little bit different by mixing the pleasure of orgasm with the relaxing and luxury of a bath or shower, why not improve the experience by adding waterproof vibrators and sex toys to the equation. Do you desire to unwind after a long stressful or tense day in warm water, scrubbing up, and feeling oneself? Masturbating in the shower or bath it can be private or not if you prefer to share the experience, and another great benefit, you will be clean afterwards too.

Take your vibrator with you in the shower

Taking your vibrator with you to the shower or bath it can be an undeniable way for a good time, whether you are planning to masturbate or taking your partner along for shower sex. The problem is that not all toys are waterproof and if you are using a non-waterproof sex toy or vibrator in the shower could lead to problems like exposed batteries or failure of the materials that the vibrators or the sex toys are built from. Potentially making the adult toy unsafe and unhygienic. So checking whether a sex toy is waterproof is a key step when acquiring a vibrator especially if you are planning to use it in your bathtub or shower.

Water-resistant vibrators

Whether in the bathtub, the shower, or the pool, getting off in the water is always a fun experience. So why not take your adult toys to the shower and get set for a wet and wild time and there are many options to choose from. One thing you can try is in a hot tub with a rabbit vibrator, the mixture between the active bubbles from the hot tub jets along with the fast vibrating clitoral bunny and internal rotation of the shaft ride, it can take you on to a new wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Splashproof sex toys

Why not take your partner into the bath or shower with you, with our top waterproof toys, we can make water play and soaking extra exciting. You can use these toys in many shape and forms (pun intended), from massaging each other and then you can insert the toy in front of your lover. Or you can use the toy on your partner, as water can help them relax, why not try anal penetration in the water, with some help from water-based lube.
As part of our range of watertight vibrators, wands, these toys have versatile interchangeable heads, making them exciting for pool or shower play. No matter what kind of action you are after, The Happy Willy Company will have the right toy for the job. Imagine this, if you have warm water from the shower streaming down your body and then add stimulation to your clit with the help of a toy. The feeling of the water on your skin and the vibrations on your clit, this will bring you a new level orgasm. G-Spot penetrating vibrators that are waterproof can also be found on our website, this way you are safe in the shower when your toes are curling from orgasmic ecstasy. The water in your shower or bath or pool will help set the mood and turn your partner on even more and bringing waterproof toys into your bath will be just a bonus.

Do and don’ts of using, cleaning and storing waterproof vibrators

Usage of splashproof vibrators
– Use only water-based lubricants, and ensure that you read the label before using your new vibrator.
– Wash before and after every use (please see below how to clean your vibrator). Even if you are certain that you have properly cleaned your vibrator after you have used, you might just want to check to make sure it hasn’t picked up any dust or other debris before you use it. So you might want to give it a quick rinse, it won’t hurt!
– Store at room temperature in a clean place. You can choose to store your vibe in a bedside cabinet or dedicated storage for an adult toy. Some people get bags to store their toys, the great benefit of utilising a bag is that you can still charge the toy in the background while staying hidden. Some vibrators come with pouches when you purchase them.
– Use all non-water-based lube with any silicone vibrators. This includes oil lubricants, massage oils and even silicone lube.
– Use your vibrator while it is charging, even if your vibrator is 100% water-resistant. Some vibrator will have in their safety features, that will not function whilst charging. Keep away from any liquids or fluids, if your vibrator is charging (waterproof or non-waterproof).
Cleaning of water resistant vibrators
– Use mild soap (or if you have intimate soap) and warm water, usually, this does the trick.
– Wipes: solely for convenience. You can find sex toy wipes, but baby wipes will do!
– Use antibacterial soap or wipes: this will not affect your vibrator and the materials your vibe is built from, but it can affect your vagina’s natural pH. You generally don’t want any antibacterial substance as it can affect the good bacteria levels in your private area. But if you wish you could use the antibacterial sex toy cleaning product after you used the vibrator and try to use a mild soap to rinse the vibrator before using it again.
– Run through the dishwasher or put in boiling water. Some people think that the heat can kill any unwanted bacteria, the problem is that heat can also kill or damage the motor of the vibrator, and then all you would have is just a fancy dido.
– Microwave it: because of the metal in the motor in the microwave, can only mean bad news.
– Clean with: alcohol, acetone, petroleum, acidic or alkaline cleaners it will probably not going to react very well with the material the vibrator is built from.
Storage of waterproof vibrators
– Store it clean! Like we mentioned before hygiene is very important as it can affect your health.
– Use a safe carrying pouch: this has two benefits is it will protect your privacy, but also good to keep your vibrator and sex toy free from debris.
– Optimise the battery life by switching the charger off when fully charged and not leaving the vibrator and other electronic sex toys in a fully depleted state for more than a week.
– Expose it to excessive heat or cold

Bath and shower sex toys

Do you want to bring some action and fun into your shower or bathroom with some water-friendly sex electric devices? Being naked in the warm water with soapy skin, can it get any sexier than this? It is no wonder that warm water in the bath or shower encourages you to relax by relieving stiffness in your muscles or maybe that soaping yourself up lets you explore your body. All this can put you in touch with yourself and will allow you to let your hands linger in those sweet spots. If you need help to take your naughty baths or showers to the next level that’s where a waterproof vibrator or sex toys comes in handy. From fun solo masturbation toys to incredible shower sex couples toys, we have you covered. And you can take the entertainment into the bedroom too!

Whether you’re a beginner, experienced or anything in between we will help you find the right toy to induce you to orgasmic pleasure.
Browse our vast range of adult toys and find the right toys to bring the fun into your sex life. Vibrators are a great and sensual way to create sparks in the bedroom and not only, with our waterproof vibrator, you can also bring more orgasmic moments into your bathroom.
You can shop with confidence as all our products come with tracked delivery and discreet packaging and billing.