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Vibrating Dildos

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Vibrating Dildos

Including toys into both solo and couples play has the potential to result in frequent orgasms, which ultimately can lead to healthy and happy sex life. Sex experts and specialists recommend using adult toys to ditch monotonous sex life and improve intimacy with your partner.
Here enters the dildo a penis-shaped sex toy which can play a vital role to enhance your sex life. If you are a newbie to the sex toy world, then dildos can be a good starting point as they designed to provide you complete sexual satisfaction and it can offer you the same experience of having sex with your partner. Just like in the real world dildos are available in all shapes, textures, sizes, and shapes to choose from. This can be great when you are on a solo journey to explore yourself. But if you thought that if you choose a dildo it will not be pulsating or moving, you are wrong. Because you can get the best of both world by choosing a vibrating dildo and you can take you sexual satisfaction a notch higher and nothing else. This sex toy is designed to produce the lifelike feel of a real penis but with an added vibrating bonus. They often have detailed glans, veins, and balls for a realistic feel. Find out why vibrating dildos make a preferred option for the most realistic experience.

Beginner’s guide to vibrating dildos

Vibrators are often deemed the most effective, by sex therapists, when it comes to pleasurable sexual stimulation. Some might consider vibrator just as part of their solo activity, which is great, but vibrator dildos are great sex toy for couples play too. They are versatile pleasure devices that look the same as a regular dildo, but what differentiates the vibrating dildos from the other dong is the addition of the real buzzy movements for strong sexual stimulation. The penetration is enhanced by vibrations created with the vibration device and feature of the dildo. This penis lookalike sex toy has built-in vibrating mechanisms and is designed to be longer than regular ones, allowing for deeper penetration.
The vibration dildo is a game-changer because the traditional dildos come without any vibrator or motor, so this type of dong can change your perception of what an adult toy can provide to your sex routine. The possibilities for giving and receiving pleasure is intensified when you have your ‘buzzy companion in either solo or couples’ journeys. This type of dildos feels so damn good, flawlessly designed to fit any sexual preference and body type.

Types of realistic vibrating dildo

So you have the candles set all around the light is dimmed and the scented room is putting you in the perfect mood, but to get sexual pleasure there is much more than those candles and dim light. There are certain aspects that you should never ignore when incorporating a sex toy and especially a vibrating dildo into your sex routine. Things you need to consider are the size, texture and materials as the intensity of your orgasm depend on these characteristics. Discover the different dildos available depending on what materials they are made from.
Silicone dildos
Silicon is one of the most common and popular materials used in adult toys made, as well as dildos. The fact that silicon tends to be flexible and can adapt to body temperature and also super easy to clean. Silicone vibrating dildo will provide you with a velvety feel and because it is phthalate-free and non-porous it makes it skin-safe.
Glass dildos
Discover the unique sensation a glass dildo can provide like no other dildo, and the luxury it can bring into your sexual routine. Not only that this sex toy feels great it also looks extremely nice and attractive. The glass material is sleek and firm, will provide with a unique sensation that no other material can provide. It is specifically designed to play hard, giving you an enhanced orgasmic experience. An extra bonus of this material is that it retains most of the temperature type, hot or cold.
Jelly dildos
An excellent alternative, if you have never experienced a dildo before, they can offer you gentle and sensual stimulation. One thing to keep in mind when choosing this material as is quite porous, so you will need to be extra cautious while using it and cleaning too.

How to use a vibrating dildo

Start solo
These might look somewhat similar to those of the traditional ones but, the vibration, intensity and different features and functionalities need to be checked on initially, so it is important to start by going slowly and steadily with the vibrating dildos. It is recommended to start solo so that you get to know about your body also you get to discover what works for you and doesn’t. By using a sex toy and a vibration dong it will improvise sex positions, find your confidence and comfort level. One way of starting your solo journey of discovery is by trying multitudes of positions with toe-curling pleasure, but don’t drain your energy by doing everything at once, try to save the energy and excitement by trying things on different occasions.
Solo vs. partner play
It wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that vibrating dildos make great handheld toys, but there are options available that can free your hands like the strap on vibrating dildos who are specifically designed to be worn and keeps your hands free, which will leave you just to enjoy the pleasure. These toys will help you to penetrate easily and are ideal for most of the sexual activities. It makes a perfect option for couples, as the person being penetrated or the wearer both will be stimulated by the vibrations perfectly.
Deep penetration
Vibrating dildo is usually reserved for the vibrators resembling penises. If you prefer deep penetration from your sex toy the flexible realistic vibrating dildo is sure to hit the G-spot or prostate with precision and penetrate much deeper than you would have dreamed. It will certainly help you achieve extreme sexual pleasure and moan with satisfaction.
Not just for your G-Spot
The dildos are usually meant for penetration but don’t underestimate this versatile sex toy, because they can be the perfect tool to take your sexual experiences a level up. Here a few ideas where you can include the vibrating dildo into your play from the clitoris to nipples and external labia. When you stimulate these body parts it will help you achieve the climax of your dreams with absolute and full levels of pleasure. Like with any other sex toys ensure that you clean the dildo thoroughly before and after every use.
Don’t forget the lube
You will need to use a lubricant with any sex toy for penetration including didos. Water-based lube is good for almost everyone. If you are using a dildo made of silicone you will need to avoid silicone-based lubricants to protect your sex toy. Place the lubricant on the toy and both outside and inside of your body. If you’re using a dildo for anal penetration you’ll probably need to replenish the lube at some point.

Dildos with vibration

Regardless if is solo or couples play, a vibrating dildo will ensure you are stimulated and it will not disappoint you when it comes to pleasure and satisfaction. This sex toy is a classic with a twist. You can put your partner in control of the vibrations, to mix things up, so you can lose complete control and just enjoy the satisfaction.
And once have reached your climax and done playing with your sex toys, as we mentioned earlier, it is important to keep the toys clean and in a safe storage place. Proper dildo and sex toy maintenance is required to keep them in perfect condition, this will prolong the life of your sex toy and allow you to enjoy them again and again. It is necessary to clean the toys thoroughly, as unclean dildos could be a breeding space for bacteria and directly leads to infection or other unwanted diseases. To protect the realistic vibrating dildo from being rugged off it is a good practice to clean it and dry it out and store in a different storage box.

Things to consider when getting a dildo

A selection of intensity, size, textures, speed, wireless remotes and much more, it will not leave you disappointed. Discover the right options for you, by reading the below points.
When exploring the vibrations of your dildo you can increase the intensity or lower it down to your preference, giving you complete control over it.
Depending on the model that you will choose you will be able to manipulate the vibration speed, patterns and intensity all at your fingertips. And even if you are spoiled for choice when it comes to vibration settings, one great benefit is that the more you use it, you will get to know more about your body and what works for you.
Settings and Power
This sometimes is connected with the above options, but the power of your sex toy including a dildo can make or break your sexual activities. But they tend to be either be battery or rechargeable operated. Battery-powered vibrating dildos are more affordable but tend not to be as powerful as the rechargeable dildos. So you might want to go for a battery-powered dildo to start with, just to ensure that a vibrating dildo it is the right toy for you. Once you have your answer, you can invest in a rechargeable dildo.
This option plays an important role if you have house or roommates and you don’t want them to know you are using a buzzing sex toy. Check for the product specification before ordering, we have this information available on our products. This will help you keep your privacy while enjoying your dildo. Now try not to moan to hard from the hard climax!
The material a dildo is built from play an important role as it increases the intensity of pleasure it can provide. To help you decide for what material to choose here are a few of their properties; jelly rubber or the Cyberskin tends to dampen the intensity or the vibration level, as compared to other material like silicone.
The texture seems to be the most important when trying to achieve an exhilarating orgasm (and let’s be honest, that is why you are here). You can choose a velvety texture, or one can opt for a more textured option that can provide intense stimulation. Heavily textured dildos tend to offer better performance than those with a soft texture.
Check the size and choose a dimension that will help you enhance your experience. Go for something that will hit the stop and help you reach that sweet climax. If you new to the world of sex toys and dildos is preferable that you go a smaller size. The larger vibrating dildos are beneficial for those more experienced.

At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. You can shop with confidence as all our products come with tracked delivery and discreet packaging and billing.