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App Controlled Sex Toys

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App controlled sex toys and vibrators for couples play

Take control anytime anywhere with a phone controlled adult toy, whether you are in a long-distance relationship or simply just want the freedom to spice things up in your couples sex live. We have a wide range of sex toy either for him or her that are app-controlled that will allow you to do so. As the name suggests, app-controlled or Bluetooth vibrators are sex toys which can be controlled via an app, usually provided by the sex toy manufacturer.

Benefits of a remote sex toy app

One great benefit of this type of adult toys is that it will provide with way more control than other manual options will enable you. Imagine you are in the swing of it, and your vibrator is not hitting the spot, with an app-controlled vibe you can easily change the settings. Phone or Bluetooth vibrators will enable you or a partner to adjust the speed and settings without reaching down between your legs. So you don’t have to pause and have to get back into the groove.
This type of sex toy can revive your sex life because one of the best ways to keep a relationship satisfying and fulfilling is to explore new experiences and activities together. The new ventures could be anything from going somewhere new to trying new hobbies together or why not try a new sex toy together. Trying a new sex toy together can be an excellent way to open up to each other and discover new ways to satisfy your partner and have great orgasm together.

The perfect long-distance sex toys

Luckily for couples in a long-distance relationship, you don’t have to be in the same place to sexually stimulate and pleasure each other. Through app controlled or teledildonic toys, you can accomplish this even if you have miles in between you and your partner. The Happy Willy Company has a variety for app sex toys both for him and for her. For him, you can choose from the Lelo app-controlled male masturbator and for her SVAKOM love egg that also connects to an app and you can let your partner be in charge of the setting of the sex toy. Or you can go one step further with the We-Vibe’s Sync and allows you and your partner video chat, so you can take your smart sex experience to the next level.

Keep the phone controlled sex toy clean, safe & hygienic

As you have invested in your new shiny high tech sex toy, it is important to maintain the toy for longer. Furthermore, your health is the most important thing, so keeping your vibrator or masturbator should be maintained clean for these reasons. We know that this step can be overlooked, as is not as fun when you use the toy, but this maintenance step will enable you to use the device for longer. It goes without saying and it should be part of your routine, the vibrators should be cleaned before and after every use. And the main reason to keep in mind is that one of the most important parts of the body will touch the sex toy. The bacteria or mould from the device can lead to infection if they are not cleaned properly. And if you use sex toy designed for a woman that is not cleaned correctly, this could lead to infections like bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection due to unhygienic and unsanitary vibrators.
Do not boil or put in the dishwasher this type of sex toy as their motor would get damaged. So you can clean or wash the silicone couple sex toys by hand as it will allow you to protect the battery and motor area. For a better result try to avoid fragranced soaps when washing jelly rubber toys and instead go for normal soap. Triclosan the ingredient used in fragranced soaps can lead to itching and irritation for your private parts.

Interactive sex toy from foreplay to in-public orgasms

Having a vibrator or masturbator that you can control remotely allows you to subtly excite your partner at unexpected and surprising moments. When you’re in a group setting or at a date night dinner that will undoubtedly lead to a sex session later, take the reins of a sex toy with the app and switch the sex toy inside your partner. These app-controlled vibes are making vibrator awkwardness a thing of the past while creating new possibilities with discreet in-public orgasms.

Hand over control to your partner

Does the thought of handing control or vice-versa excites you? If so, an app vibrator is a great choice to achieve this fantasy. Because it is easy to fall into a routine for both solo or couple play, whether it includes toys or not. You move in a way when you are masturbating or having sex, you know what works or what tickles your fancy, you and your lover have an orgasm, and you are finished. But after a while, it can easily become monotonous.
By giving control to someone else on how you are stimulated, they will likely do something different than what you would normally do. Sometimes it will miss the mark, or you might discover something new that feels good. And as part of the sexual play, sometimes it’s the imagination and thoughts of someone else that is in control that is arousing. It might be a new sensation or just the sense of someone else having control over you and your pleasure, all these factors could offer new dimensions to experience new levels of satisfaction and stimulation together.
App-controlled adult toys can hit a lot of fantasy elements at once. Some people prefer them because you can use them in public from a party to a meeting at work, without anyone knowing (well except your lover). It will also test how good your poker face is. Or it might be because they let you give up control to your partner. Or because they enable you or your partner produce customised vibrations for you to masturbate with. Or all of the above. Whatever the appeal, the advance of technology of remote-control devices has made it easier for couples to find what they desire in these sex toys.

Types of long-distance relationship sex toys

And luckily for you there a few different types of Bluetooth adult toys available on our website, that could bring something new for when you are masturbating or having sex. From an app-controlled male masturbator with sonic waves and vibrations all guided by your phone toward your penis and interactive app-controlled vibrating egg can deliver explosive pleasure for your vagina. As part of our range, we also have interactive phone controlled prostate massagers, that will allow you to enjoy the pleasurable vibrations with whoever you want, wherever you want.
With the Bluetooth magic wand, you can visit exclusive heights of pleasure and is equally great for general muscle massage and intimate external stimulation. Feel scorching satisfaction and step into the future of sex technology with a smart vibrator that can be commanded by your phone. All our high-tech adult toys are bursting with features, and because of their nature, they are high-quality products that will enhance your sex life.
At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. You can shop with confidence as all our products come with tracked delivery and discreet packaging and billing.