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Massage oils

Somewhere around 5000 years ago, Eastern and Western cultures that spanned from India, China, Egypt and Japan across to Greece and Rome, made an important discovery. It was discovered that massage was extremely helpful in pain reduction, injury recovery and the promotion of relaxation.
An essential oils massage (also known as aromatherapy massage) combines aroma, using natural scents, and therapy โ€“ the physical act of the massage
The Happy Willy Company has a wide range of scented massage oils for couples. Have a look through, while you are here.

Massage as foreplay

If you are after an easy, highly pleasurable way to add depth to your relationship (both in and out of the bedroom), then you might want to consider exploring the idea of sensual massage as a part of your foreplay toolkit. A properly executed massage will encourage you to focus on the sensual experience, tuning out any distractions. It also allows the two of you to explore each other in a way that isn’t just sexual.
An erotic essential oil massage can turn the heat up much quicker than you might think, and you will truly start to get to know each otherโ€™s bodies. Massage oil for couples are a top seller here at The Happy Willy Company, as you would expect, and the Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Overload Sweet Sensations Kit is a firm favourite โ€“ which brings us to preparation…
Thinking ahead and planning things can enhance your evening further. There is nothing wrong with spontaneity, of course, but by planning the experience you can make sure that you will not be interrupted!

What to look for in a massage oil

The first consideration when it comes to choosing your massage oil is how it will react with the skin โ€“ both yours and your partner’s. Checking the ingredients list is important, to make sure that the oil does not contain anything that either of you may be allergic to.
For those who do not have sensitive skin, scented massage oils can be very relaxing for both of you and help to set a nice ambience. Natural scents are commonplace with massage oils, such as chamomile, sandalwood, mint or lavender.
Of course, edible massage oils are safe to use for anybody and can be used in the lead up to a night of passion as they are perfect for getting both of you very much โ€˜in the moodโ€™.
You should also consider how the massage oil is to be applied. For example, a pump-equipped bottle is very useful. When using one of these, you donโ€™t have to worry about bottles slipping from oily hands and making a mess everywhere.
Of course, not all massage oil bottles have a pump applicator but used carefully this does not have to be a negative.

How to give a sensual massage with essential oils

Sensual massages are more intimate than the average massage, and you can use them to set the scene for a couple-focused and relaxed evening. Giving a sensual massage with essential oils is not that complicated, but there are ways you can make the whole experience that more enjoyable for both of you.

Set the ambience

Take care of the massage environment before you take care of your partner. Pick a comfortable spot (bed, sofa etc.) and use soft, clean sheets and pillows for the recipient to lie on.
Get the lighting and room temperature just right. Make the room warm enough so it is comfortable to be in while naked, but not so warm that you overheat. For lighting, consider candles instead of lamps or ceiling lights.
If you do need a little more light than candles provide, consider draping a thin, coloured scarf over a lamp.

The massage

With essential oils rubbed into your palms, or maybe drizzled over your partners back, to warm up the oils, position yourself so that you are both comfortable. Using long strokes and with both hands applying gentle pressure, start at the neck and shoulders.
The goal here is not a deep-tissue massage, or to work out kinks in tired and sore muscles. The aim is to awaken and arouse their body, and for you to gently explore their body.
Be sure to check in with your partner to make sure that the amount of pressure being used is right for them and adjust, or not, as necessary.
Allow your hands to gently glide over their skin, counting slowly to 20 in your head at each section you give attention to โ€“ neck, right shoulder, left shoulder, lower back etc.

What is the best massage oil for couples?

With so many massage oils available, choosing the right ones for you and your partner may not be as easy as first thought. Aside from the usual considerations, such as skin sensitivity and allergens, there are other things to think about too.
For instance, if you, your partner or both of you are vegan then you will of course be looking for massage oils that reflect your lifestyle and ethical choices. Sliquid Soul, available from this page, massage oils are either organic or vegan (each of their products is clearly marked for ease of identification).
For something truly sensual and erotic, you may want to opt for edible massage oils. The Happy Willy Company socks edible oils from Earthly Body and comes in various flavours such as vanilla, strawberry and watermelon as well as other delicious numbers.
Mates SKYN massage oils on this page are also vegan, as well as being specially designed to be condom friendly too.
In the end, all you need for high quality and erotic massage is the right partner and a comfortable setting. Have a browse through the products on this page though, and see which oils best suit you and will help you and your partner to get to your happy place! We have a variety items to set a romantic mood for you and your partner and that can help with foreplay to playtime.ย