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Bullet Vibrators

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Bullet Vibrators good things come in small packages

Bullet vibrators should fit in the palm of your hand but even if is a small vibrator one thing to keep in mind is that sometimes big things come in small packages. Our variety of bullets are discreet yet provide powerful vibrations for clitoral stimulation. These vibrators are the ideal sex toy because of their petite size and easy-to-use shape. These pocket-sized pleasers may be petite, but bullet vibes don’t compromise on power.

Bullet vibrators are preferred by many women because they are a versatile sex toy: clitoris stimulation during masturbation or foreplay, give an erotic massage to help ease those tense-spots or use it on him by lightly stroking his perineum for new levels of orgasms. This mini or petite vibes are very versatile and come in single speed, multi-speed or remote control in a wide variety of materials and colours.

What is a bullet vibrator?

The bullet vibrator is one of most the most popular first sex toy. It is also known by some as an egg vibrator is an adult toy. As the name might suggest it resembles a bullet and it is used to stimulate the external parts of the body. This sex toy is usually of small size (hand-bag friendly) and can have pleasant moments with this little friend at any place you want.

The bullet-shaped will provide you with precise stimulation and pleasure, and its vibrations are focused on the areas you wish to target. A vibrating bullet can add new levels of pleasure to your sexual routine due to its universal application. And so, having just these characteristics, an egg vibrator can be used by both women and men or couples play, making it a very universal and versatile sex toy. It can quickly help to improve your masturbation game. If you don’t know where to start or what you to get as your first sex toy, this vibe is a great starting point. But bullet vibrators are for the pros too, as it can be used with other toys. Even some sex toy experts recommend egg vibrators, because it is easy to use, to clean, and it is budget-friendly.

Basic Characteristics

Here are the characteristics that should be taken into account when purchasing your bullet vibe. As we have already mentioned this is a small, but you know what they say, size does not matter. Even if they are small, the size of the bullet vibrator varies. To give you a better understanding the length maybe 2-4 inches and the base diameter can be between 0,5 to 2,75 inches.

These vibrators are part of the mini vibe family are petite in size compared to other sex toys, such as wand or rabbit vibrators. But small size is a strong feature, making them a very popular choice for any sex toy collection. The average weight of the mini vibrators is about 85 grams (that’s less than a bar of chocolate). A woman can put it into her bag and use it whenever she wants, for example, a hot date. Or you can take your bullet sex toy on a trip.

Choose a small vibrator

Once you have decided what size you would like, the next thing to consider is the vibration speed and pattern. A bullet sex toy is a mechanism, that has a microchip inside that will control the stimulation of the device. Depending on the sex toy design, different patterns and speed may be provided. Various patterns will just provide more pleasure because sometimes the same and persistent actions do not produce the desired result.
Most bullet vibrators can provide the following patterns:


These are short vibrating sessions.


Will provide slow motions that will gradually grow and then suddenly stop.

Mix modes

Pattern you will get pulsations and vibrations that will be combined.
Vibrator bullets with different multiple speeds and pattern will allow you to start from the low speed with pulsing, and finish with a fast speed of surging. Some of them have a single speed, which can be used for couples play and both partners can use it for the additional stimulation, and targeting multiple spots at the same time or massage.

As some big sex toys are noise, a small bullet vibrator can be the answer if you are looking a quieter option. If you have a roommate or if you get irritated by any unusual sound and it might affect your sexual satisfaction, you may consider a small bullet vibrator.
Because of the size, this type of mini vibrator might seem great for anal play and fit there perfectly and give pleasure, but it may be lost right in there. So, leave these games for special anal sex toys.


You just got yourself this pink, cute, small and soft sex toy, but if it has a weak power, it will be a letdown, don’t you agree? Therefore power type should also be a factor when purchasing an effective and long-lasting adult toy. There are two main options to consider: wireless and wired bullet vibrators. Wireless products may be regarded as the most reliable vibrating bullet. The majority of wireless bullet vibes are battery-powered, and so ensure to have a great one for your games.

Something to keep in mind if you plan to buy a wireless device for couples play, they have buttons on the bulk of the vibrator, which is not convenient to use it with your partner. There is also a rechargeable bullet vibrator, which is regarded as eco-friendly as our environment will not suffer from that great number of batteries. Another benefit of rechargeable vibes is that you don’t have to worry about batteries when your sex toy stop working when you are planning to use it. The wired bullet vibrators are great for couples play as they have a remote control that activates the sex toy; some buttons give you and your partner the ability to change the speed and the pattern.


The surface of any bullet sex toy should be smooth and sliding. To have maximum pleasure, the material plays an important factor. Here are a few of the materials that are used in the sex toy industry from ABS to silicone and plastic. Two types of materials that are used in the bullet vibrators are hard plastic and smooth-coated plastic. It is also very flexible and should clean easily. Any material should be smooth, has good sliding qualities, and should not have any rough bits on it. And if you like specific colours, we have will have something to suit any desires.

How to use a bullet mini vibrator?

Despite its small size, this sex toy is very versatile and very popular among both women and men. As we have stated before, small vibrators are universal, and it is up to you and your imagination on how well you can use. For a woman, a vibrating bullet is mainly used for the clitoris and the surrounding areas. Due to the delicate dimension, its vibration will provide proper stimulation to the clitoris. Make sure to use a mini bullet vibrator horizontally as well on your clitoris, and more zones of the vulva will be activated. If you wish to go for a hand free play, just put it into panties, and just relax. Also, this sex toy may be easily used on other erogenous zones such as inner thigh, nipples, perineum and belly. However, bullet vibrators are not meant to be used for anal play, as they may be just lost and require medical expertise to have them removed. So just external usage only! If the bullet vibrator has waterproof abilities, you can use the sex toy in the bath or shower. And don’t forget the lube for better sliding.

How can men use a bullet vibrator? Why not use the stimulation the vibration can provide on the inner thighs, balls, perineum, and glans penis. You can also use this vibrating sex toy with your partner, use the wireless bullet vibrator during sexual penetration when it can additionally stimulate the clitoris or other parts of the body (this mini vibrator can be adjusted to any requirements). As we already mentioned, different patterns and speeds can provide more joy using this sex device. Furthermore, some models have a heating option for temperature play and the warmth of the vibration will create new sensations.

How to take care of a bullet vibe

Due to the smallest size, the vibrating bullets do not require much space for storage and can be kept in any box, bag, drawer, or shelf. If you are not using the sex toy it is recommended to remove batteries (if it is a battery vibrator). As for rechargeable vibrator, avoid long-lasting charges (for more than 10 hours). You should clean your bullet vibrators after every use to avoid the spread of nasty bacteria and infections on it. We advise you to clean the toys with warm water with soap (or you can use dedicated sex toy cleaning products). For the wired models, keep all wires dry. Take the above steps and your bullet or any sex toy will last long. Find out more information by visiting each product and discover the features and functionalities of each vibe by checking the description and additional information section of the page.

With a wide variety of vibrator from clitoral to the g-spot vibrator in different sizes and shapes, we will have something for everyone for all your pleasure needs. Browse our vast range of adult toys and find the right toys to bring the fun into your sex life. Vibrators are a great and sensual way to create sparks in the bedroom and not only, with our waterproof vibrator, you can also bring more orgasmic moments into your bathroom.

At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care and that are high-quality! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. You can shop with confidence as all our products come with tracked delivery and discreet packaging and billing.