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Anal Douches

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Anal douches for a clean rectum

It’s no mystery that the anal area is not the most hygienic part of the human body, but there are ways for you to clean yourself and flush away any impurities before you engage in anal sex or anal toy play. The answer comes into the shape of anal douching. By using an anal douche, you can clean your anal canal effortlessly.

What is anal douching?

It is the process of cleaning with the help of liquid of your anal hole, the liquid gets injected inside your anus with the help of a tube and enema. These days, there are a lot of people, who love to diversify their sex games and anal sex is part of that. But since anal sex it involves your anus, then it is also necessary to ensure that your anus is clean before you start any business to avoid any sort of unwanted mess. That is where anal douches come in.

Douche types and main characteristics

There are different types of anal showers available that you can use depending on your likings as well as comfort level. Here are a few examples available on our website:
Bulb-Syringe Douche – it is a simple and valuable model, this device consists of 2 main parts the bulb which collects the water and the nozzle which will inject the fluid inside your rectum.
Bag – this device is built from a bag that that is similar to a bottle with a long hose attached to the douche. This type of douche also needs to be hooked up to the shower to work.
But like the majority of product available on our website the anal douche vary in materials, size and colour selection and other special features. Now you need to select which one is the most suitable for your douching and that will provide you with the best results. Feel free to choose the type of the nozzle or a nose or the optimum length, as well as the size of enema for your needs.

How to use anal douche?

If you are going to douche, it is important to properly manage the process which can help prevent pain and damage.
Get your backside and your douche ready for action by following these steps:

  • Start with a clean douche and nozzle to avoid the spread of any unwanted bacteria.
  • To avoid burning the mucosal lining use water that is a little less than lukewarm or room temperature water is the most suitable option.
  • If you are planing in using an enema solution, follow the directions on the packaging.
  • To make insertion easier do not hesitate to apply some lube directly to your anus or the nozzle and for additional comfort, you can apply water-based lube, because it will smoothen the insertion and help in avoiding any potential irritations.

The method will vary slightly depending on the type of douche or enema you have. In general, you will follow the same idea, which is to insert the nozzle into your backside and expel the liquid. It is recommended that you do not rush things and advance smoothly while keeping the pressure at a constant level.
Follow the following steps to use an anal douche or enema:

  • Stand in the bath or shower so the contents of your rectum and douche have a place to land. Alternatively, you can do it over the toilet if you are out and about and require a douche on the fly.
  • For easier access stand with one leg up on the toilet, the side of the shower bench or tub.
  • Use your clean and lubed finger to relax before inserting the nozzle.
  • Lightly press the nozzle against your anus, take a deep breath, and gently and slowly insert it while breathing out.
  • Squeeze the bottle, douche bulb or bag to slowly squirt the liquid. If utilising a shower enema, begin with a low setting to prevent from releasing too much water at once.
  • Keep the liquid inside you for a few seconds before letting it out.
  • Repeat the process until the water runs out clean or until the device that you use is empty.

Aftercare and cleanup
You can take a shower or bath to get yourself cleaned up, also don’t forget to clean up the douche. You can wait for one or two hours before anal play to ensure all the fluid is out. That’s your choice. If you are planning to wait, this is a good time to give the tub or toilet a good rinsing and make sure you can prepare for a more enjoyable anal play, like lubes and condoms.

How often can you do it?

There are no firm rules on how frequently you can douche safely. Ideally, you should limit it to no more than once in the same day, preferable two or three times per week maximum.

What could happen if you over-douche?

Even when you take all the necessary steps and douche properly, you risk damaging your internal lining and anus. Further risks can involve throwing off the balance of electrolytes and disturbing your body’s natural rhythm if you do it too frequently.

Any risks to consider

If you have any medical conditions like haemorrhoids or anal fissures, anal douching may not be a great idea. Because by inserting the nozzle into your rectum when you have either of these is more prone to cause pain and injury.
Additionally, taking laxatives before anal play isn’t recommended. First of all, some enema solutions contain stimulant laxatives, that can induce intestinal contractions to assist in moving your stool through your bowel.
One thing to keep in mind is that laxatives can cause some side effects that might not be very sexy for your partner from gas to cramping, and diarrhoea, which can also lead to dehydration.

How to minimise irritation

The short answer is lube! Use a lot of lube, to begin with. Like we mentioned before proper lubrication is a must whenever you are placing anything in your butt. Not using enough significantly increases your chances of damage and irritation.
You also need to go very slow (snail speed) while you are inserting the nozzle and stop if you feel pain or see any bleeding.
Anal douching isn’t the only option available. A healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fibre can help keep things moving, that way you don’t have to worry about an accumulation of stool in your colon.

The bottom line

We have spoken about anal douching, but we also need to mention that you don’t need to use a douche or an enema to experience safe anal play. But if using one will make you relaxed so you can feel comfortable and focus on your satisfaction, then go for it and have fun!

Don’t forget the lube

Unlike the vagina, the anal canal is not self-lubricating that is why we recommend lubes specifically designed for anal, but most water-based lubricants will do the trick. Ensure that you have completely covered your toy in lubricant the same for your anal hole, and anal canal. If you don’t use lube, you can increase your risk of anal fissures, unpleasant anal play, and other anal-related issues. Lubricant is your solution to stop these uncomfortable sensations.
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