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Realistic Vibrators

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Realistic Vibrators

If you are after stimulation that is quick and easy with less physical effort than manual stimulation, then vibrators are the answer that you are looking for. Usually, the orgasm from a vibrator is way more powerful too! As the name is suggesting a realistic vibrating dildo is an adult toy that has the look and feel of a real penis. Some models even have balls or testicles at the base of the vibrator, they usually feature a natural-looking tip and real-life veins. Some models have a suction cup base to allow hands-free pleasure. We have a wide range of realistic vibe for you to enjoy, whether you’re looking for a pornstar penis or you are buying a sex toy for the first time.

How to choose the right realistic vibrator for you?

A vibrator no matter what type can be an excellent addition to both your sex life and masturbation routine. But there are a couple of factors you need to take into consideration: power, settings and noise. Power This is important because when selecting a vibrator for yourself you need to ensure it’s powerful enough to satisfy your desires and needs. If you currently struggle to have an orgasm and require intense stimulation, then most likely you will need a more powerful vibe. One thing to consider with power is the way the vibrator is powered either by being plugged and run on electricity, being rechargeable or batteries. The vibrator who need to be plugged are the most powerful ones but one downside of them is but you’ll also the bound by a cord. Mode and settings Some vibes have an essential an on and off button, but with various vibrators, you can adjust the intensity and strength of the vibration. This means you can customise it to get exactly the kind of stimulation you desire. You can start slowly and build up in intensity. Noise If you have roommates or are concerned about your sex toy being overheard, look for a whisper-quiet vibrator. To give you a better understanding of what a whisper-quiet sex toy noise level would be, the sound of an average whisper is about 30db and average speech volume is about 60db. Check the product description to see if provides the decibel level and anything 40db or below will be exceptionally quiet. If you’re looking for a quiet vibe, make sure it is rechargeable sex toy as battery-operated is almost always louder. If you want to take it one step further toys that are coated in medical grade silicone are also quieter. This is because the silicone acts to dampen the actual motor, as opposed to just hard plastic.

Real Feel Vibrators

This sex toys complete with all the lumps and bumps that you would suspect to find on a real penis and vein detailing. Our selection of realistic vibrators are classically shaped and with a soft skin feel, they look so close to the genuine thing that you’d almost think it was a real penis. Some of our realistic vibrators in our range even come with balls for added realism. Many of the products also use advanced materials and technology to attempt to duplicate the feel of real skin. They are the perfect substitute when you’re partner is not around and if you choose a suction-based sex toy for hand-free play. Some of the vibes in the range can even heat up 45° Celsius if you want to feel that warm skin inside you or for temperature play. Realistic vibrators, just like realistic dildos, are an exciting way to enhance your sex life. If you love the feeling and sensation of a vibrating toy and you love the orgasms they can provide you with, you are going to love the realistic cock vibrators here at The Happy Willy Company.

Vibrators for all those sweet spots!

No matter what area or spot you like to have stimulated we have you covered. As part of our range, we have a curved tip vibe to hit your G-spot as it thrusts in and out of you, just like those cocks out there in the real world it will just hit the right spot, your G-spot. Even though these realistic vibrators are very much like the real thing, some of them have some added bonuses like vaginal wall beads or pearls inside giving your vaginal wall stimulation. And let’s not forget your clitoris, as some of the vibes have an extra appendage or nodules for clitoral stimulation.

How to use a realistic vibrator?

Realistic vibrators are fun to play with either for solo or couples play. When you get in the mood for some frisky play, grab your realistic vibrator and let it buzz along your neck. Drag the vibe down in between your breasts, and then move over to your nipples. Push your breasts together and lift them higher, push it in between your breasts and feel the vibrations ripple throughout your whole body. By now, your nipples should be hard with arousal. As you get turned you on more and more, drag the vibe down your stomach where you feel the vibrations and pulsations turning you on. As you take the cock looking vibrator lower and lower to your thighs and your outer lips, you should be more aroused. As your body yearns for more, imagine what the vibrating cock tip would feel on your clit? After you have moved it across your breasts and your nipples, down your stomach, into your thighs, and outer lips, put it ever so gently on your clit, pause, arch your back, thrust into it, and allow it do its job. Lifelike cocks toys have the head of a dick and the vibration of a sex toy. As the penile head on your realistic vibrator is buzzing your clit, think about the desire to have it inside you. By now you should be wet and ready to this to the next level of pleasure and satisfaction. Now take the vibrator and insert it, thrusting in and out of your vagina, pausing outside now and then to tantalize your clit until you cum. You will experience the most mind-blowing orgasm you have ever had. This is just an idea of what these realistic vibrating cocks can do. The Happy Willy Company we suggest you play with your realistic vibrator in various ways. You can use any other vibrators in this way too. Get to know your own body and the erogenous zones of your partner. At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. You can shop with confidence as all our products come with tracked delivery and discreet packaging and billing.