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Suction Cup Hands Free Dildos

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Suction cup hands free dildos

Experience ultimate satisfaction with suction cup dongs, because they can provide you with an orgasmic experience anywhere. These adult toys can make solo play all about you as they can be attached to any smooth surface for hands-free fun. A literal joyride with wall-mounted sex toys, all you have to do is to let your imagination run wild! Yes, you read that correctly. These hands-free dildos available on The Happy Willy Company website come in a range of styles from realistic dildos to big dildos to silicone and many more to choose from.
If you are a newbie to the sex toy scene, then this type of dong will provide with a lot of fun and pleasure. What differentiates this dildo from other standard dongs is the suction cup, which will enhance your experience as they can be easily mounted on any of the surfaces using the suction cup situated on the extreme outer end. Perfect for intimate solo or couples’ play can stick easily to your palm for hassle-free hard thrusting action, the wall dildo can simply be attached on any other flat surface.

Stick on dildo for hands-free pleasure

The suction cup dildo is a game-changer indeed and in can take you on a journey of sexual self-discovery. This makes this type of dildo a versatile pleasure tool that can to be used anywhere and opens up possibilities for receiving and giving pleasure. The range available on The Happy Willy Company is varied from shades and sizes, giving you endless possibilities to stick it to any walls in your house, in the shower, pieces of furniture or to the floor, which will leave your hands completely free and all you have to do is to let you pound and thrust towards an orgasm. For sure you will be going to have a pleasurable time, once you discover the kinks with the ability to ride the dildo anywhere you fancy. Tickle your spots and bring pleasure with a dildo with a suction cup, just place the dildo into position and move it in just the right way to hit the G-spot or prostate. This sex toy is the perfect companion for hands-free self-pleasure for both solo or couples play. And a great benefit of using a suction cup dildo is that is easy to clean once you are done.

Ultimate ways to maximise your pleasure

A suction cup dildo will produce a perfect seal anywhere, so no risk of the dildo coming out mid-thrust. But one thing to keep in mind is that bumpy surfaces won’t make a good seal. To start you need to find is the suction cup dildo that meets your requirements and there are plenty to pick from on our website. Begin at a gentle slow pace and make sure that the place you have chosen to seal the dildo is ideal and can withstand such strenuous activities, so you have to do now is enjoy the pleasure provided by this great sex toy.

Using a suction cup dildo

The benefit of using a suction cup dildo over other sex toys is that you can simply improvise sex positions and improve the comfort level and the pace of your sessions, without straining your hands. You can forget about the standard dildos that would start hurting your hand when held for too long. This sex toy won’t drain your energy, rather keeps you more excited and dynamic about trying different positions with toe-curling pleasure.
The beginner-friendly suction cup sex toy is ideal for newbies. If you are using this type of dildo for the first time for the best experience get yourself close to a cabinet, wall or your bed to safely lean against it and have an amazing time and you will not have to worry about balancing your weight. Or you can use the sex toy by placing it on the floor, here the gravity works for you and you can slow down the pace accordingly to your desires. All you need to do is to squat or kneeling position when placing the suction cup dong on the floor. Or if you want to want to make this kinky by placing the dildo against the mirror (ensure the mirror is secured well), as this is excellent for a stick-on dildo. The mirror will enable you to observe your body and how you react to different stimulation acts, just spend time with yourself. This sex toy will allow you to try different ways to enjoy solo or couples play and make the best out of it.
Another great benefit of choosing a dildo with suction is that it can be easily attached to on a strap-on-harness make it perfect for either roleplay or pet plays. Or it can be used simply like a standard dildo too.
If you like to masturbate in the showers, then you can stick the dildo on the walls of your bathroom or the rim of your bathtub. This last option it can free up your hands and get on the roller coaster ride of satisfaction and ultimate joy. All these possibilities can be achieved with just a single-sex toy.

Things to consider before buying a suction cup dildo

One of the unique features that only the suction dildo has is that it can be attached to the vertical surfaces without drooping or falling away. What provides the sturdiness of this type of dong is the use of hard-core material in the middle and a softer and squishier material on the outside. The softer shell has benefits of greater pleasure but will also allow easy penetration. Things like the shape, material and texture of the dildo weigh a lot when it comes to obtaining a full state of pleasure and satisfaction.
Just like in real life the texture may differ for each dildo and that is what plays a vital role while thrusting away to sweet orgasms. If you choose a smooth texture, this will provide you with easy penetration, while a rippled model will intensify the stimulation, and for a realistic sensation go for a lifelike texture to make your orgasm even more powerful.
Suction cup dildos designed for showers are specially built from different hypoallergic materials like silicon, glass, metal, jelly, or even thermoplastic rubber too. Each different type of material will serve different purposes and enables you to feel great penetration.

Realistic suction cup dongs

Get your hands on our range of realistic dildos with a suction cup and as the name might suggest the texture is realistic with natural flesh-toned colours and lifelike additions including foreskin, wrinkles, hair and/or testicles as well. These sex toys are designed to satisfy individual requirements and needs, from thicker suction cup vibrating dildos for a fuller feeling to the thinner models for whichever penetration you favour! Don’t impale yourself by selecting an incorrect size or by mounting a dildo inappropriately. Size matters and thus, you need to consider the one that satisfies you and your needs. This will enable you to evade accidental hurting yourself or even penetrating too strong and deep. Be more accustomed to the new position and sensation with the correct sized dildo that will hit the right spot.

Keeping it clean and hygienic

Cleanliness is always very important when it comes to sex toys that is why you need to clean before and after use and keep them in a safe hygienic place, away from dust and allergens. Keeping the suction dildo clean and bacteria-free, as this will help you have a safe session the next time and also prolong the life of your sex toy. Also when you remove the sex toy from any surfaces it was stuck too, don’t rip it off with extreme force or store it in an unsuitable place as this will increase the chances of getting damaged. To add to the longevity of your sex toy, wash and clean thoroughly but gently before and after each use and wipe it after each penetration session as it ensures the complete structural integrity too.
If you are not using your sex toy, you must wash it at regular intervals, this will ensure that will keep the grits and dust away, else you will soon discover that your dildo with a suction cup will not attach to anything.
When you store a dildo if you don’t want the suction cup to be damaged, ensure that the base or the suction cup is not touching or rubbing with any of the stuff. You need to keep in mind that is a sensitive part of the dildo as is made from fragile rubber and it can be easily damaged. To store the suction cup base completely safe, you can wrap it up in a cloth or a roomy cloth bag. This can prevent the dildo from disfiguring or discolouring.
So the only thing left now is for you to enjoy the great sensations provided by this dong either alone or with your partner! Unfold your fantasies and pamper yourself.

One of the most versatile sex toys available on our website, suction cup dildos stick to almost any flat surface, smooth for as many positions and can be enjoyed as part of solo or shared pleasure.
At The Happy Willy Company, we aim to offer you sex toys that show you that we care! Not only have we got the trendiest sex toys, but we can also guarantee that they are of the most excellent quality. You can shop with confidence as all our products come with tracked delivery and discreet packaging and billing.