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Pocket Pussies Vaginas

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Pocket pussies vaginas

If you have never tried them before, a pocket pussy or vagina can be a real treat. If authenticity and realism are what you desire, a pocket vagina is the answer as the perfect male masturbator for you. These masturbators were designed to look and feel just like a woman, these male adult toys will provide a satisfying masturbation experience because they are created from ultra-realistic material. Some guys are content with just using their hands, but if you are seeking a change, then the strokers or pocket pussies will be able to offer a wide range of varieties and sensations.
As they are the ultimate male masturbators, these toys are especially great if you struggle to get off the same way all the time or just want to feel a new sensation. The majority of the strokers are designed with life-like bumps and ridges that feel just like being inside an actual vagina.
So if you are wondering what all the fuss is about, why not try yourself one of the pocket pussies!

What is a pocket pussy?

A pocket vagina also is known as a stroker is a great male sex toy that is a replica of a vagina. This male masturbator is designed to take all your penis and provide you with full satisfaction. Soft and easily squeezable, the stroker has a ribbed tunnel, for extra realistic stimulation and sensation. There are some fantastic replicas available on our website which feel exactly like the real thing, If you are looking for a great sex toy for men, then a pocket pussy is a great option to consider.

How to choose the best pocket vagina

When choosing a pocket pussy, you are often spoiled for choice, and finding the best fit for you can be a challenge. Luckily, we have you covered and ensure you find the best fit for you (pun intended) no matter what your needs and desires are.

What to take into account when choosing a pocket vagina?

There are many different types of pocket pussies and you will need to consider a few different things when trying to pick the right one can help you with the decision. Here are the things to consider when choosing your stoker
When searching for your perfect pocket pussy, the size of the stroker can be important. Some are very small while others are rather large. You will need to take the size into account when seeking to find the right one for you!
There are smaller models are travel-friendly and the larger models are more suited for home use. Depending on our lifestyle (for example you travel a lot for work) and how you plan to use and store the pocket pussy before acquiring one.
Texture and Intensity
The one thing that makes the pocket pussies is the text and intensity and there are a lot of varieties to choose from.
Each masturbator comes with different levels of intensity, you should be able to tell from the product description about the levels of texture and intensity that stoker can provide. They also feature internal textures like bumps, ridges, twists, and nodes contributing to a unique feeling inside each stroker. Some guys prefer very stimulating models while others may require something a little less intense. Pocket vaginas are available with both without and with cases and some models are even moulded from the body of your favourite adult porn star. We know everyone is different and we have you covered no matter your needs are.
The look
While most stokers have roughly the same shape, the appearance can vary significantly, it’s all a matter of taste and desire. Some brands have gone out of their way to look as realistic as possible (and like we mentioned above some even copy the body and shape of real porn starts), while others brands have concentrated on the sensation.
Once you have worked through the various factors you will be in a great position to choose the best pocket pussy for your needs.

Is a pocket pussy right for me?

There are a lot of guys who swear by this toy and The Happy Willy Company are sure you will enjoy it (that is because we love making cocks happy). However, we understand that everyone is different and it may not be for everyone. That is why it is important to do your research and investigate some other options to ensure a pocket pussy is right for you.
This sex toys can be used beside pleasure and fun, for stamina training to ensure that you last even longer and can help improve your sexual experiences.
If you think a pocket pussy is not for you, then a sex doll may be a good choice! A sex doll can give you a more complete experience and maybe a better fit for your desires and requirements.

Will a pocket pussy fit my penis?

Short answer, yes! A pocket vagina will likely fit your cock! This sex toys may have small openings, but they are usually built of stretchy body and can accommodate most sizes.
The majority of pocket pussies also benefit from an open-ended design, so no matter how long your erection is, this will enable you to enjoy stimulation across your whole length.

How to use a pocket pussy

There are lots of inventive ways to use a pocket vagina. The basic technique is to insert your penis into the sleeve of the stocker and slide it up and down just like you would with your hand while masturbating.

Be sure to put lots of lubricant both on your penis and within the pocket pussy, this is important because so that it doesn’t cause too much friction. Some users recommend soaking the sleeve of your Fleshlight in warm water to give it a more realistic feel (ensure the water is warm that it matches the body temperature and is not too hot). An alternative approach is to lie face-down and thrust your penis in and out of the pocket vagina, which can give the sensation of actual intercourse.
But you might find a new way of doing this, that might work better for you.

How to clean and take care of your stocker

It’s important, like any other sex toys, to keep your pocket pussy clean to avoid damage to the device and most importantly bacterial contamination (as it can have health consequences). Even just leaving it out overnight can be ample time for mould to develop. It is important to clean it frequently so the sex toy lasts longer and doesn’t start to develop any unwanted and unpleasant smells. Follow the below steps to keep your masturbator

Start by rinsing it out with warm water
Wash the pocket vagina with antibacterial soap and warm water. Ensure that you wash the inside thoroughly and that you rinse out the soap completely. Please keep in mind that hot water can damage the material the masturbater is made from, so warm water is best.
Dry the inside and outside of the sex toy by using preferable a microfiber cloth. Try not to leave any water inside or it might develop mould. Also, we recommend that you air it out by either leave it sitting on a towel or putting in front of a fan.
Some pocket masturbators can turn inside out, we advise you to be careful when you do this as you might risk tearing the material.
If your masturbator does get mouldy, don’t panic; you can fill it with vinegar, leave it sitting for an hour, and then clean it out again. This should clear out the mould. We also have available antibacterial sprays and sex toy cleaning kits if you wish to take extra good care of your stocker vagina. And we advise you that you don’t share your pocket pussy!

Best Lube For Pocket Pussies

You will need to use the right sort of lubricant to get the most satisfying experience from your pocket pussy. Using it without sufficient lube can be uncomfortable and can hurt your cock. We don’t recommend oil is hard to remove, and spit can contaminate it.
Water-based lubricants are easy to clean and if it starts to dry up you can simply apply more. The thicker the lube, the longer it will last.

Avoid silicone lube as it will break down the material in silicone pocket pussies. In pocket pussies made from Cyberskin and TPE, silicone lube can get stuck, but it will be difficult to clean.
One of Happy Willys Company favourite lube is Sliquid Sassy. But this lube is perfect for pocket play because is made of safe and natural ingredients and also is very thick and doesn’t smell funny or have a risk of burning your urethra.


Here are a few of the favourites on our website. The Fleshlight range can be very easy to clean and is a durable range. They have a wide variety that discreet and portable. Fleshlight will be able to simulate the feel of real sex and men are going to want to experiment. Be fully body-safe, and safe to the user over and over again. Some of the stockers come with vibrators integrated into the pocket pussies. Another great range is Doc Johnson, which has been producing innovative sex toys and novelties since 1976. The Doc Johnson pocket vaginas range have shapes and textures that are designed to stimulate your manhood and will feel like the real thing thanks to the anti-bacterial and phthalate-free UltraSkyn material that is exclusive to Doc Johnson range.